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31 January 2016


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Susie Bastin

Thank you for sharing your experience.
I am so sorry for your loss, but no doubt Rawley had the best life because of you. There is no doubt you did all you could.
Susie and Iris

Brad Nelson

Would he have lived long if not for the respiratory failure?

Portia Neff

Christie, your love for Rawley and all living beings is immeasureable. As always, your words express what so many of us have sadly dealt with in one way or another. You, my friend, are a special person and your love for Rawley will never fade.

Sandy Lurins

Christie, I am glad you shared the story. Although you knew you might be dealing with something terminal, you certainly didn't expect Rawley to go then, like that. When Bennie died, it was not from the multiple myeloma for which he was being treated... he had an internal bleed that was fatal--while we were on vacation and not around his usual medical team, either. So difficult, yet the way you love him and always will love him is of devotion, beauty and honor. I hope sharing this helps you keep him near.

ellen WIldfeuer

Thank you for sharing this tragic accounting. Your love shines through every word. Try hard not to dwell on the do-overs. What you would have done if you only knew before what you know after. Been there. Just don't make the mistake I did and that is wait too long before sharing your heart with another dog. I still grieve-always will, but it gets better. I met you via Gina Spadafori.


Thank you for sharing this. I presume it must have been incredibly difficult for you to put into words and doing so took you back in time. I think that whenever we lose someone we love suddenly and under circumstances we just never anticipated, we have regrets as we try to process what happened both mentally and emotionally. You wrote that you would have brought him home until he was too uncomfortable. What I focused on as I read this was that you were as great an advocate as he could have hoped for. And that you had that extra time with him before his surgery. I know you would have preferred that the peaceful time with him had been at home, of course, but I'm just thankful you had it. I still cry for a dog I never met and I guess that's because I'm crying for you.

Cheryl Dodes

Thank you for sharing what happened to Rawley. You did what you thought best for him and that's what counts. He loved you as much as you loved him and I am sure he was a happy dog up till the very end. It's never easy to lose a heart dog, especially such a young one. May he rest in peace. and may you find peace in the knowledge that you gave him the best life possible.


My heart aches for you ...
Please know that you did the absolute best that you could for Rawley with the information available to you..... The love you shared was indisputable.
I'm so sorry


I'm so sorry.



I am so sorry about Rawley. You can't second guess any decision you made - you did the best you could in every moment and you could never have foreseen what would happen. You loved Rawley, and he loved you. It is just a tragedy. He reminded me so much of Huntly. He was such a beautiful boy. You are in my thoughts.



I lost my beautiful Gadget to lymphoma in January 2016, as well. Your words ring so close to home for me. Thank you for sharing Rawley's departure with us. I am sorry for your loss, and hope that one day you can look back and smile at the myriad happy memories with your sweet pup.


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