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09 September 2013


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Liz Palika

I'm all for safe fencing. Yes my dogs come when called even with distractions, but yes, like you I value my dogs' safety. So good for you. You can have new clothes later! Yah for safe fences.

Lis Carey

Huh? There are people who would criticize you for buying your dogs,a fence?

I'm sorry, that makes no sense.


Yes, there really are. A lot of them. I have heard it many times, a sort of dismissal of the need for fences when all we have to do is put reliable recalls on our dogs. So fine, I am a terrible trainer. Is this some reason my dogs shouldn't have the joy, fun, and exercise of off-leash running?

I also hear lectures about how dogs should never be off-leash at all. Really, I think a lot of people out there are just utterly out of touch with the real world in their sanctimonious little dog-trainer or responsible-dog-owner minds.

NOT that I'm bitter or anything.


I criticize you for not having a fence, having a fence, using a leash, allowing your dogs off leash, having dogs at all, not having cats, considering getting cats to avoid judgment, and putting up this post.


We just purchased a home on 9.5 acres and now have to start fencing. Would love to hear what type of fencing you are putting up? We are thinking of going with deer fencing, we can put it up ourselves and slowly expand.


Maybe some of those who think fences are not necessary should read the lost and found pages. I wonder how many of those dogs were trained to always come when called. I think it's a great idea and fall in Michigan is a lovely time to be in the woods (minus the hunters, of course).

Claudia Bloom

Your greyhounds are very lucky! I have never been able to let mine run free without being in totally secluded areas, and then I still would worry horribly! Run you guys and have a great time.


I am so used to life without a fence that to have one would feel completely foreign to me. Wherever I've lived, there have been no fenced-in yards for the dog. I've had to manage. Training is awesome, but a long-line or remote collar backup when I feel things just aren't going right (you know, women's intuition) provide peace of mind.

Wouldn't mind being able to have a fence someday, but if not, it's not the end of the world.

Kudos to doing what's right for you and your dogs, and also to your landlord for allowing you to do so. Bring on the videos.

John Miele

Great! I am also thinking to start fencing around my yard for my little puppy. He is so jumper and very playful puppy and for his security and safety I can not wait further more.

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