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04 April 2013


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Even if it were true (which it isn't), STRAYS!!1! would play no role in shelter killing because those animals AREN'T IN A SHELTER. It's a ridiculous argument and they need to stop with the nonsense.

The other day, I came across "No-Kill proponents are trying to protect the BREEDERS and want them to make more puppies and kittens!"

I simply do not know what to make of it, anymore. Why are they opposed to the ending of shelter killing and the saving of lives? What motive could they possibly have to oppose No-Kill?


I'm trying to encourage breeders to produce more strays. I will explain my reasoning later, after I think it up.


I will say to someone who brings up such distractions that if my local city animal advisory committee is not open to discussing the issue because it has nothing to do with reforming animal control, then it's not an on-topic issue and isn't open for discussion. If they can't stay on topic, then please go somewhere else.

I don't think they teach about logical fallacies and debating as mandatory subjects in high school. It's no surprise that logical thought is optional these days.


Beautifully dissected Christie. Thank you. A corrolary to this is the common tactic of animal controls now to not include feral cats or "pit bull" type dogs in reporting intake or disposition numbers. Beware the effort to let it appear that these are tiny, minuscule numbers of animals and so, obviously, no one MINDS that they might be "unaccounted" for. But then on the flip side, there could be soooo many of them (since, well, the shelter didn't bother to COUNT 'em!) that if all of them were to be considered, then gee, we would be facing this insurmountable problem.

All of which obscures the fact that No Kill communities that count ALL of their intake, have been, yes, considering the strays TOO, and still saving over 90 percent of animals they handled!

Focus. Focus. Keep your eyes on the prize, everyone.


Great discussion, Christie. But I thought if I put something in all caps and use lots of exclamation points, it automatically becomes a fact :)

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