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03 February 2013


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I live in a trailer and my only source of income is SS disability. Should I have my dog killed because I'm poor?


You're just awesome like that.


I always find those people who make those comments are penniless rescuers who spend most of their time judging others and trying to tell others how to run their lives. Many poor people I've met over the years lavish whatever discrectionary income they have on their pets. After all, their pets are sometimes the only valuable things in their lives.

mary mahoney

I know many people over the years with very little money that have spent their last bit of money to treat an injured, sick or homeless animal that was not even their own.

I know many stories personally of goodwill and sacrifice for the benefit of animals.

So much good I have seen that I am always perplexed that the blue meanies of the world can continue to do so much harm and cruelty to animals. (and to other humans too)

Diane Meier

I applaud your policy. I am appalled by people who say that folks with limited income are less likely to take good care for their pets. A shelter in Delaware just fired the Executive Director, and one of the reasons was that she was totally failing to get enough animals adopted. She was often heard to say that she wouldn't let someone adopt because the person was "white trash."

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