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27 November 2012


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I got a little overwhelmed and confused while reading, but I think I get it.

It's like tearing down a building, you don't start at the foundation, you start at the top and remove the walls brick by brick. Bring the penthouse inhabitants cupcakes, so they won't notice you taking measurements for the wrecking ball.

Keep yourself together, neat & tidy, so that you give the appearance of someone who's all business, not someone ready to do damage, and carry the cupcakes in a tidy box with a bow. When the opponent is buzzing on a sugar high, start bringing the walls down.

I think I missed a step.

Seriously though, you've taught me something. Now if I can just work this into my GMO Labeling stance.

Barbara Saunders

I read more than that, Nancy. That while the killer at the pound is the enemy, the mayor is not. The mayor may see your movement as just one more item on a long, long agenda. So you need to present yourself like the developer seeking a permit, the neighbors who want a new traffic light put in, and the police chief who wants the crime-fighting budget increased, not like a fire-and-brimstone street evangelist.

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