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08 September 2012


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Thank you

Shelley Thompson

According to the actual article "The chief officer said he made the decision because of legal, union, and risk management concerns."

Way to slant the story and edit creatively to support the view you obviously agree with.


In all the cases I've ever seen where retaliatory firings/bannings have been later established to have taken place, no one has EVER come out and said, "I fired them/banned them/shut down the program because they complained." This statement comes closer to doing just that than any I've ever read or heard.

Additionally, as I've continued to investigate the story since writing this yesterday, I have learned that the allegations of "legal, union and risk management problems" also involve complaints by the volunteers, so if anything, I'm even more suspicious of relatiation. However, I will certainly update the story with whatever I find out, including if my view of the story at this stage turns out to be wrong.

Edmund Moran

Now i'm reading some people are scared to show cause they will be blacklisted.. really now.. seems if that is the case they won already. so if i understand this right people are concerned they will be targeted, targeted to what? not helping an animal if one is to call them. hell they don't come now seem we are all already blacklisted and targeted.. prisoner are treated better then these animals..


As long as we let ourselves get pushed around, we'll keep getting pushed around. If exercising your right as a citizen to attend a meeting of your local government and discuss issues that matter to you, or just SHOW UP while others discuss them, is enough to get you blacklisted from volunteering at your local municipal shelter, isn't it patently and even painfully obvious that you are in the right, and this law will protect you? But nothing will protect you if you won't even stand up for your own rights.


Blacklisted from what exactly? Voting? Being a resident? Being a volunteer? Entering the Animal Control?

People should never be afraid to exercise their rights, if it comes to that, what kind of a country are we? Isn't that what our soldiers fight for?


Here's an update: Bob Gorman, chief steward of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 496 Chapter 01, which is the union of the employees at the shelter, was interviewed by MLive about the union being the reason the volunteers were let go:

"Despite concerns, the union has no grievances pending about the volunteers, Gorman said, and the AFSCME representatives haven't been in formal talks with the county about the issue."



Sorry this is a late comment, but I'm guessing that if volunteers are allowed in but supervised by a 'Friends of' group, then they can legally be kicked out since it wouldn't actually be the city/county government entities doing the kicking? Do you have any legal info on this?

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