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30 August 2012


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Elsy Shallman

Yeah well our sheriff department killed three dogs while looking for someone who invited them in the house, and the guy didn't even live there. The cop who killed the dogs said he felt his life was in danger, why didn't he call our local Animal Care and Control and waited for them? He didn't even have a warrant. I don't understand why he gets away with it.


I have been an ORR queen for several years.

One of my first ORRs revealed that San Antonio Animal Care Services was  building an euthanasia center at a remote location.  ACS planned to intake dogs at this center and kill them without allowing the public access to this location.

I did an ORR to view the euthanasia log book.  ACS refused to release the records and the city attorneys forwarded the ORR to the Texas Attorney General for a ruling.  The AG ruled they had to release the euthanasia log books.

When I reviewed the euthanasia log book, I discovered a large quality of controlled substances were missing.  The log books had been altered.

Though our ORRs have revealed unethical and criminal activity, the city of San Antonio refuses to take action.

Be prepared to meet resistance and to be bullied and intimidated.

And document, document, document!

Text messages are also public records.


Can you please tell me which law (or section) states that "private agencies operating under a municipal contract" are subject to FOIL? My FOIL request to an animal shelter got denied saying that are a private entity, however they are under municipal contracts with several towns. I want to state the law that is on my side in my rebut letter. Thanks!


Does anyone know how long the USDA/APHIS is required to keep animal welfare inspection reports in their databases? I just requested some reports from 2006 and earlier and was told that "No documents were indentified by Animal Care or IES as responsive to any part of your request." Surely this info is not tossed, in case a licensee becomes the subject of an investigation. Any ideas where is may be stored at, if not in the normal databases?

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