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24 August 2012


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Angela Watts

I really am ready to go back to my tried and true Sojourner Farms base and raw diet....every time I open a bag of kibble I worry I'm signing my pets' death certificate.


Any official positions from the AVMA? I thought not.


Angela, I have the same thought process. I'm glad I'm not the only one! But I was recently (like within the last 2 weeks or so) using this as training 'treats' for my dog and I stopped because her eyes seemed to get itchy every single time she ate it...I'm glad I threw that crap away.


I bought a puppy from a breeder who fed Bil Jack and now I wonder of it's the underlying cause of his test results of a toxic bacteria found. He has had loose stool and problems for 2 months now. Even though we switched him off the bil jack in the beginning I still wonder if that's where he picked up this toxic bacteria called clostridium perfringens? My dog is on a 21 day current antibiotic for it

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