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03 March 2012


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They always offer tons of options you DON'T want but never the ones you DO.

The best advice I can give is to record your greeting to tell folks not to leave messages at that number.


I had similar over the top ridiculous situations with Verizon, my land line and Internet connection. Did not use my landline. After they screwed up my account (or "accounts" because they kept creating new ones every time they screwed one of them up) I finally cut the cord. Literally. Cancelled everything to do with Verizon. Then went outside with heavy duty clippers and cut the line right off my house.

I'm still paying for being their customer in a way because when they would screw up my account and open a new one, they would run a credit check. Those stick with your credit report for TWO years. Didn't matter that I never had a late or missing payment in seven years.

Don't get me started on when I left Comcast ...


I am a Comcast customer as well, and have my internet and cable with them. Thank goodness no landline, because I would have the same issue as you. So far, we haven't had anything too terrible happen with customer service, but I'm right there with you on the polite comment: The more they can't help, the more polite they are.

The only help I can offer is the same as Cheryl above: Perhaps leave on your out-going message that people should not leave a voice message there and should try your cell.


Probably won't make you feel any better but I think all the telephone, internet, cable and satellite tv service providers suck :)
I spent 2.5 hours on the phone with CenturyLink trying to set up a secure wireless internet connection. At one point the "tech" asked why I had to have it be secure. Really? I finally figured out the issue was WPA vs WEP and fixed it myself. My sister had the same issue with them. Now that I know what it is, it seems like it is a basic that internet setup techs should know about.
Dish can't figure out how to get my parents a west coast time feed so they said add the dvr feature instead. My parents can barely handle turning the tv on and off.
Comcast is my cable provider but my neighbor has phone and internet bundled with them as well. After a recent ice storm I told my neighbor I would contact Comcast for her to see how much longer they would be down. Customer service girl was sticking to the script but as I pressed for a better answer she told me it would "eventually" be back up. LOL.

Mary S

I'm pretty sure you can tell Comcast to send you an email message whenever you get voicemail (I believe they recently even provided the ability to translate the message into text and send it to you). At least that way you'd only have to check your voicemail when you knew there was a message waiting for you.

Portia N.

I was going to suggest what Mary S above posted. My landline provider, which is also my ISP, offers the option of having my voicemails sent to me by internet as an mp3 attachment so I can listen to them from my computer rather than on the phone. or I can even have all my calls from that line forwarded to my cellphone, which I do when I am out of town. Maybe one of the above options would work for you?

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