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19 February 2012


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I used to think low-carbers were nuts and asking for a heart attack, then I found out that the only way to get my blood sugar under control was to go low carb and that there is surprisingly little evidence to support the theory that natural fat is in any way bad for you or your heart, quite the contrary, actually. My blood sugar is stable, I'm losing weight without even trying, I have more energy, look healthier and my other auto-immune conditions are improving. Let me tell you how good it feels to have finally found something that reduces my RA pain and fatigue(NSAIDs certainly weren't helping). It's been a real eye opener, though I admit that once in a while I do still flinch at how much fat is in some of the food that I'm eating :O


Yep - as Michael Pollen says, "eat food, not much, mostly plants". I joined a CSA recently. Actually drive out to the farm to get the goods. I like this one as he runs it as a pre-paid 'get what you want' model rather than a 'here's your basket, figure out what to do with it" CSA.

The local farmer's market has taken off as well with small family farms, cheese makers, beekeepers and ranchers bringing in grass fed meats. It get's you back into the buy as needed mode and you know that the food is real and there aren't any weird ingredients in it.


And, I'm totally going to try this recipe, just need to figure out the substitution for Splenda, which can raise blood sugar. I haven't quite figured out how to successfully sub Truvia or pure stevia in recipes yet ...

Real whipped cream is incredible, but it takes me forever with the hand mixer, I get impatient and end up serving it when it thickens but before it has formed stiff peaks. I need to figure out how to use my stand mixer.

Christie Keith

I don't like Splenda either, however, this is a dessert that I eat very rarely, and the stevia I use just doesn't work well in baked goods. If it was something I ate regularly, I'd be much more concerned.

Splenda doesn't do anything to my blood sugar. That's a dealbreaker to me, because the whole reason I think low carb works for me is that it controls blood sugar flucuations. I don't like Splenda for other reasons, but as I said: It's dessert. If it triggered over-eating in me, whether it had Splenda or not, I'd stop eating it.

But I'm glad you brought it up, because Splenda is definitely a processed food and kind of junky, and I was going all righteous in this post.


When it comes to your blood sugar, you do what you have to. Sugar is off the menu, period. I have accepted that less natural sweeteners are now a fact of life. Sucralose itself is probably safe, it certainly has no effect on blood sugar, it's the maltodextrin that they put in powdered sucralose products to act as a filler (they do the same thing with those big bags of "Stevia in the Raw") that is rapidly converted to glucose in the body. Liquid sucralose, pure erythritol and pure stevia seem to be the best bet for blood sugar control, the later two are the most "natural". And then there's always aspartame, but that stuff is just nasty.

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