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22 January 2012


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reminds me of the video of the lab who pulls the blanket off the crate and curls up under it in the crate. Speaking of outfits - have you seen the new VW Superbowl ad? The greyhound that comes on at the end dressed as the space ship - lol. http://www.npr.org/2012/01/22/145577302/the-bark-side-tells-of-super-bowl-ads-to-come?sc=fb&cc=fp


There's some question about the ethics of the AT-AT costume:


Meanwhile, it's not nearly so cold here, but my little wiener dog is burrowed into his pocket bed and won't come out.


The problem for me, would be getting the jammies OFF in any sort of timely manner. Since I can barely be bothered to do the same for myself, I can imagine I'd be pretty lax on getting the dogs dressed for the day. Is it considered bad form for greyhounds to answer the door at 2 in the afternoon still in their pajamas?


My doggie LOVES his sweaters. He'll dodge having the halter put over his head, but no problem putting a sweater on over his head!

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