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02 January 2012


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What the hell ever happened to a reasonable waiting period? What ever happened to evaluations by a qualified person? Maybe the dog did not really have issues other than inadequate training by the owner. Maybe some training by a qualified dog trainer could have resolved those issues. Perhaps the Kansas Humane Society should have a chat with Best Friends about setting up a program where owners at their wits end can get training help. If it works for BF - it should work for KHS.


Thank you for covering this Christie. It certainly wouldn't be a bad thing IMO to force places like the Kansas HS and Arizona HS to choose whether they want to get on board with saving pets or change their names to Kansas/Arizona Pet Slaughterhouse.


This just breaks my heart. I'm dealing with a young Dal I adopted. Thankfully, the owners didn't turn her into a kill shelter when they realized she was too much for them to handle. She has some "undesirable" behaviors, but d@mn if she isn't a fantastic dog otherwise. And yes, the owner shed tears over giving her up. They may have actually walked back into a shelter with a change of mind.

Not sure how quick they kill in the NYC ACCs anymore, but, yes, a walk back to the shot used to be expected when I first started rescuing/volunteering there. . . . unsure how it is in my area of California, but I do know too many good pets still die. The ASPCA is sure a mixed message though. They defend this sh*t, but when I volunteered in the Behavior dept, they worked with these pets to help ensure successful adoptions.

R.I.P. Lucy . . . you deserved better from a "Humane" Society.


There should be so much more transparency in what happens the second a leash or kennel is handed over. I remember standing in the parking lot of a place I used to volunteer at, and I know I would have been kicked out for some of the cautions I gave to folks wanting to bring in stray cats (etc), thinking they would get help at this high kill shelter. People honestly believe that even places without humane/SPCA in their names actually help all the animals that pass through their doors. I hope more than anything my words were heard by those few I managed to speak to before they went in.

And the spot where I'm at now (also in the Bay Area, CA), which does "live release" over 80% - after orientation, I offered free training services to them -- as I want to practice a whole lot of dog training/behavior education I paid for in the subject in several lengthy courses I took. Like what you mention, Cheryl - my hope is to try to keep dogs in homes. It's actually why I took the courses in the first place, to offer free services to shelters. But they rejected it, thinking there "may be insurance issues" and nixed the subject without further investigation etc. They won't even let dogs be walked outside, saying there aren't enough sidewalks (there are, plus it's a quiet area) - they only let you take a dog to a room to "socialize". And they complain in the orientation there just isn't enough help - and the next moment they are rejecting a whole bunch of offers for various forms of help. And this is one of the better programs I've come across!

I am completely rambling, I know, but long story short I think laws like Scruffy's Law are the only thing that will get some spots to change. A percentage of the problem has to be in the "not thinking outside of the box" issue plaguing the management of some open admission shelters. Or downright gut-wrenching stupidity in Lucy's case.


Didn't it even occur to these Philistines that Lucy might have simply been upset because she was dumped there by her owner? She might have settled down after a short while= there is NO JUSTIFICATION for what they did!

They definitely need to be FORCED to take the word 'humane' out of their name. I think humanity went out of that place a long time ago.


Christie - what's happened to the old Pet Connection. Could not access it Jan 2 or Jan 3. Please advise.


A neighbor and her daughter took our precious Binks to the Capital Area Humane Society, Hilliard, OH. Our neighbor thinking Binks was lost, surrendered our cat, donated $50 and was told by the staff they'd help find her owner and take good care of her. We arrived at 6 pm, she was already dead. The neighbor said she never would have left her had they told her the truth.


Val, I guess it's finally gone for good, but I don't know... you'd need to contact Gina. :(

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