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18 November 2011


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Gwp Rescue-Inc

I love reading about the girls and Rawls. Love the mouth wrestling, as Baldwin and our newly adopted girl Gretchen do this too. Wires are not generally cuddly, but Gretchen is and that makes her special. Stella reminds me much of Gretchen, and at a time in my life I need to be needed in a good way...her being is such a gift. What is interesting to me is how these dogs find us at precisely the right time. I love Val's confidence....much like our Holly, whom we have had for 8 years...and how she has formed this bond with Gretchen, and she is not known for loving female dogs. And then the sliding right into our hearts and home of everyone including our other two dogs. Seeing our mild mannered two year old male become a two year old male, playing and wrestling...running laps around the coffee table with his new sister...something he would never had done before. Such gifts they are...looking forward to many Val, Stella and Rawl's stories!


Oh you know you're going to catch ditheatheth and stuff from sleeping w/your dogs. But otherwise, good report.

Cindy Steinle

Stella was a pibble in her former life. Games of Bitey Face and blanket hogging are the keys. I am so happy you all are there for each other.

Christie Keith

Bitey face is a TOTAL sighthound thing!


Under the covers is fine - just as long as it doesn't include a freezing cold nose along your backbone on the way in. :-) My westie used to do that and I could feel that nose through flannel.

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