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22 November 2011


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Mary Doane

Agreed! Thank you, Christie, as usual. My 4 dogs are in the back yard, as we speak, "shaking" out a piece of smelly, fresh, raw, green tripe. Will be followed shortly by a raw bone, each... from our local slaughter house. Most inexpensive meals on the planet.


It's not the turkey that's the problem. It's the chocolate, pie, and stuffing - not to mention the turkey bones, ham bones, and other cooked bones that folks who say they subscribe to the BARF diet (but haven't bothered to actually read it) insist on giving to their pets on Thanksgiving. Take it from a vet's wife - if you cooked the bone, do NOT give it to your dog.


Seamus the wee fiend has been on raw since he was a year old. He does get some cooked meat and has never had a problem with Thanksgiving Turkey - for that matter none of my dogs has ever had a problem with it. They all lived to 17 and Seamus hit 9 this year. I think the fact that we always gave them table food saved them from the kibble. Seamus is the first to get a no kibble diet and has been really healthy.

tiffany murphy

My dogs get their own thanksgiving turkey - raw and whole!
So true about vets blaming the real food. I always say if you ate nothing but mac and cheese all your life, a good steak and veggie dinner would make you sick, but it isn't the food that's bad!

Anna Abney

Mine don't just get turkey at Thanksgiving, they get it all year, along with chicken, venison, pork, beef, goat, & whatever other fresh, raw meats & organs I can find for them. They also get whole raw eggs, yogurt, goat milk, & fish. Been feeding this way for 12 years. Great article! 8-)


Green beans are food. Green bean casserole is "people food". We all do better with FOOD.

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