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10 September 2011


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Love this! My organization is trying to create a foster program for our county shelter, as the one they have in place is so onerous that almost no one in our organization can qualify to foster, due to the county's view on liability. Will definitely share this info as a way to get the word out once we have the program in place.


I would add info the rescue group ad that people could photograph with their phones; little pieces of paper are easily lost. I saw an ad at the vet's office where all the tear tabs were gone and there was no other contact info listed on the ad! Not good. Include the suggestion "Photograph this ad!" and test your ad to make sure you can read it in a photo.

You can now include one of those square QR Codes — abbreviated from Quick Response Code, that can take people to a website or listing online. "Google has a popular API to generate QR Codes, and apps for scanning QR Codes can be found on nearly all smartphone devices." (Source: Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_Code)

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