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17 September 2011


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H. Houlahan

I think the "kid" behavior when the snow is 2' high and you need to drive to the dentist is going to be more on the order of a toddler's WalMart meltdown.

I think we should start a "Christie Keith OMFG this is Winter" pool.


I pick December 19th as OMFGIW day.

Christie Keith

Dec 19? No way. I LOVE snow and winter until a couple of weeks after Christmas. My acid test will be after mid-January.


I've lived in Michigan for 9 years and I still get giddy about fall and winter. The more snow the better! I enjoy winter until the first week of April, then I'm done with it and want spring. Oh, enjoy your first mud season ;)

If you really want to enjoy the fall color, take a drive up to Cadillac when it reaches peak. I think there are driving routes and peak updates on the Pure Michigan web site.


Welcome to Michigan! Are you here for a while? (sorry if I missed all that) I live in Lansing and it's not such a terrible place to be, except maybe in February which seems to have 128 days sometimes. Give a holler if you get up this way and I'd love to meet you in person for coffee or lunch or conversation.

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