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23 August 2011


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As I'm sitting at home right this very minute on the verge of a panic attack because I seem to be getting with "bad" news from all directions today, I read this. And take a deep breath. And put things into perspective. And panic a little less. (Or at least long enough to go locate my inhaler.)

Arlene Clarke

Great story! It's one of those wedding "disasters" that seem stressful at the time--and later provide a great memory. And it has an "only in SF" feel that I can appreciate, being a 4th generation San Franciscan myself. I grew up hearing 1906 earthquake stories from elderly relatives--nice to know the next generation of kids will also be listening to earthquake stories.

David S Greene

It's been a bad week for natural phenomenonenonenons (cue the Muppets). The east coast earthquake was weird....said by someone who insists that quaking is a particularly sickening thing for the ground to be doing, and my West Coast friends are odd to the tenth power for being so blase about tremors and earthquakes.

The hurricane, however, caused many of us real live inconvenience. Even with four days' warning, the aftermath is very bad. Homes and streets washed away, millions without electricity (including moi), and a couple dozen dead.

I'll still put up with ten hurricanes over one real live, no-foolin', the ground is opening us up and swallowing us whole earthquake.

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