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12 August 2011


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I truly hope that they get someone there who is willing to turn that place around. When Mayor Wharton hired Matthew Pepper, he knew that Pepper's kill rate at his previous shelter was more than 70% and yet he hired him anyway.

Maybe Memphis can set the bar a little higher, this time around.

mary francis

This story should be covered by the national media...international too - I am sooo grateful for Shirley.

Mary Murray

Very good news....am praying for intervention...someone that embraces the No kill mission.

Social Mange

It will be interesting to see how much stuff 'n nonsense will come out of the Mayor's office and how little things will actually change.

Memphis has a city administration that doesn't pay to keep schools open, you have to wonder about the acumen, whether they even realize how their city looks on the world stage and how unattractive it is to investors (new businesses) and tourists.

The city administration is jabbing Memphis with blue juice while they dither.

David S. Greene

This truly is a fork in the road for Memphis, as Shirley correctly pointed in a blog post. The decision they make right here, right now, will dictate their future. If they have the vision and determination to become the country's newest No Kill city, the deaths of all the animals that ended up at MAS and never came out won't have been in vain.

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