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07 July 2011


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I think you have to find a vet who you feel comfortable with. I've taken my animals to vets that I didn't like, and even to vets who have told me information I know to be wrong (like that microchips cannot and do not move from where they were inserted). But, a careful search has found a vet who is affordable for my budget, listens when I think something is wrong with my dogs (even if it is nothing obvious to her), and is willing to explain to me what and why she recommends treatments.


Distrust of veterinarians is something I see so regularly online, and it's really rather sad. I am lucky enough to work for a pair of really excellent veterinarians. Do I agree with them on everything? No (food being the biggie). Do I trust them with the care of my beloved pets? Heck yeah.

Right after my dog was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension (by a cardiologist via echo with doppler), I joined an online canine heart disease support group on the recommendation of an online friend. I posted an introduction, not looking for advice, just community. Immediately I got a slew of responses questioning my veterinarian, my cardiologist, etc etc.

It was... disheartening.

Yes, there are lousy vets out there. Yes, I know people have had bad experiences and sometimes those experiences end in tragic loss. But there are also many good veterinarians out there doing their job to the best of their abilities, and there are exceptional veterinarians who go above and beyond.

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