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30 July 2011


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Great work liveblogging and great blog. This was a terrific helpful session. As a REALLY new blogger, I had a chance to share my blog and blew it by misstating the blog address. So hey, join me in the blogosphere, folks. We can tumble along together.

Peter J. Wolf

Wish I were there...


Thanks...appreciate the rundown!


"...We can be on the same playing field as maimstream media and cover things they aren’t..."

How apt! Thank you!

Karen D. Mitchell

Me too Peter! Maybe next year.


This was a wonderful seminar, and it was truly inspirational to meet Brent & Shirley. (Christie's seminar this afternoon was also wonderful!)

So good to be here with 400 like-minded people, discussing something so near and dear to all our hearts.

Christie, thank you so much for covering the conference!


Enjoyed this update. Thank you. Nice to read it since I couldn't make the conference. Sounds like this one was an awesome session. I admire Brent and Shirley. Hope to attend the no-kill conference in the future.

mary francis

hope to attend in the future - meantime thanks for this...and the photo - nice to see the faces of the wonderful Shirley and Brent...the other guy too.

David S. Greene

The other guy thanks you.

David S. Greene

When compared to Shirley and Brent, I'm perfectly happy to be the other guy! They are real blogging superstars.

mary francis

Gosh I hope you're laughing I am...sorry yesterday I had brain freeze and was hurried...and I really appreciate the writings of David S. Greene...the other guy.

All three in the photo have kind faces. Great group.

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