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14 July 2011


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H. Houlahan

I said that Garmin made units that hold up under CHALLENGING FIELD CONDITIONS.

I never said nuthin 'bout no Kindlephagic puppies.


LOL. I get it. I seem to love the big naughty boy dogs, too. They're always my favorites.

Christie Keith

Good news: Garmin just sent me a text that the battery in the GPS unit was low, which means it's still transmitting! I'm hoping that when I get the new cable, it will still work, despite the tooth marks!


Oh no!

I've been drooling over tracking systems and I'd just cry if one of my dogs ate one.

Good luck for you -and Rawley...

Christie Keith

First, it's tiny. Very tiny.

Second, nothing to do with thieves. This is a dog who can run 30 miles per hour. Do you have any idea how far away he could get in ten minutes? What if a tree falls on a fence and he panics and gets out? There are hundreds of miles of woods around here. I want to be able to find him!

original Leslie K

My garmin had the pug end chewed off also & still works. Apparently a dog safe safe product !


original Leslie K said: "My garmin had the pug end chewed off also & still works."

I am having a bit of consternation trying to visualize this. Was there a pug *on one end* of the unit, or was there *the end of a pug* on the unit? Either sounds charming!



Uh, no Christie, not a trick question!

But if he's going to have a big honking piece of technology hanging off his collar, don't you think that makes him more attractive to thieves?

Just askin', I don't really know.


"But today he ate up his brand-new, never been used Garmin GPS locator"

OK, I'll bite. Why does Rawley need a locator?

Christie Keith

Cathy, I don't understand... the same reason any dog would need one, so I could find him if he got lost. Is this is a trick question, LOL?

original Leslie K

Sorry meant plug not pug ! The L on my keyboard sticks from the cat knocking over hot tea with honey. A neighbor had an old phone charger & he wired that onto the Garmin cord. Although in this house & neighborhood it could have been a pug on the end too !

Gina Spadafori

I want to be able to find him!

Comment by Christie Keith — July 15, 2011

Are you sure? ;-)


And Rawley said, "Bwaaaahaahaa, locator, shmocator. I sorta want to see what she looks like after she's pulled her hair out when I go sneaking off to the pool hall!"


I was just wondering if he was expressing his disapproval of road trips...


I think Rawley read up on GPS devices on the Kindles and has decided he doesn't want you tracking his trips to the bookstore/dog treat store.


Off to research the Garmin for my sneaky sighthound. Let us know what you think if Rawley decides to wear it.


hmmmm... is it small enough that it would work on my door-darter aby?

Christie Keith

I will, kb!

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