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06 June 2011


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Poor, poor Kindle (and covers). It may in fact be part of Amazon's strategy to have you keep replacing them, but I'd be more worried about Rawley swallowing plastic and being sued for his vet bills if I were Amazon. You should look into having a custom hip holster made for it, so you don't have to leave it unattended for even a moment.


In my experience it's about value.

You spend a lot of time with your Kindle in your hands, I would assume. One of my dogs had a penchant for the television remote and my roommate's pager - until we realized those were the two things in the house he handled repeatedly in front of the dog.

Same with the book obsession here, my middle girl loves to eat whatever I'm currently reading. Stacks of books waiting to be read, stacks of books already read - but she will only eat one if I leave out the one I'm currently working on or just finished.

When she was younger she ate my laptop cables. Like, six times (same inability to just put them out of reach going on over at my house...) in under a year. Again, my laptop is probably the object I handle most in my house.

Of course I've had dogs who enjoyed textures - wood, paper and wicker being the worst - but the really BIG damage was always done by the dogs who cherry picked my favourite items.

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