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31 May 2011


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H. Houlahan

I was just giving the poison ivy lesson to one of PC's fellow firefighters. Woman has lived her whole life in the countryside here and has never learned to recognize it.

We had poison ivy and two plants often confused for it -- blackberry bramble (leaves of three, thorns) and Virginia creeper (vine, five-lobed leaves) side-by side, and she could not see the differences.

It's a good thing they wear plenty of protection during brush fires.

IME the poison oak in the Bay Area is more ubiquitous and harder to avoid.

Anne Ritenour

My co worker, here in Maine, Nathan has a terrible time with poison ivy...he even had an outbreak during the winter months. He is talking about finding a remedy other than prednisone.

Anne Ritenour

Products Nathan uses include: Tecnu, Jewelweed, Ivy Dry, Domeboro

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