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25 May 2011


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Christie my friend, neither of you deserve this. Just another trial to persevere through. Your friends are with you in spirit and sending gamma rays to kill the bugs.

Pam Picard

I'm sorry Christie. I have a senior dog. It's one thing after another thing after another. Like you, I just want to keep him comfortable until his time comes. He's always had skin and ear issues. Okay, we've managed this. Now it's eyes. So okay he doesn't see as well. Next it's rear end weakness. So far it's unsteadiness and a leg that caves in half the time. Immobility is a problem. Watching new symptoms emerge and knowing the inevitability, my heart breaks all the time. I wish there were something comforting to say. For both of us. Just know we're with you and wish you and your pups the best.


Healing thoughts coming Kyrie's way and calming vibes to you.


I'm so sorry Christie. It wasn't until a 3rd animal in my household had a cancer diagnosis that I realized I have no control over anything. Didn't mean I was helpless, but it also didn't mean I could fix things and I had to live with that realization.

Acupuncture, chiropractic, and perhaps a consult with Homeopath?

At least I'd try some flower essences.
For you too.

Try Swanson's online if not available locally.

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