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22 May 2011


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Christie - I'm sending you cyber hugs and good energy. I completely share the desire to be free of that particular battle. Even at the lightest I've been as an adult - the battle still rages - I keep working toward being at peace while the rest of the world around me is in chaos. I wish the same for you.


Christie Keith

Thank you, Reina. I treasure that wish, and wish it right back at you!

Pam Picard

I share your love-hate relationship with food and cop to being an emotional overeater my whole life. Next to my dog, I love food the best. Hang in there.


I know how you feel. I am in the same boat - lost weight and felt good and now weigh even more than I did before. I'm not even worried about the food so much but the fact that I spend so much time parked at a desk. Between an 8 hour day at work and then 7 hours a week in classrooms and God knows how many more hours doing online classes and homework :-( I am not getting any exercise and my body feels it. I feel old and decrepit every time I stand up or after doing any decent amount of exertion.

I am cheering you on. Hoping you find that better place in mind and body. I am searching for it too.



I wish I could find the magic secret that frees one from food fixations. I know I can use it. The best we can do is to face the world one day at a time and do our best to commit to loving ourselves more than the outward manifestations of love we have grown attached to.

I may also learn to knit, just to give my hands something to do. I'm thinking knitted voodoo doll cats :)


I run at least 3 days per week at 42 minutes at a time. I often run four or five days per week and have done so for almost a year now. I have not lost anymore weight. I am still at about 29 lbs over weight according to the BMI and I am bordering on obesity by that way of measuring body fat.

I still eat for emotional reasons, but it is better.

I think sleep, reducing stress, activity and eating healthy food is the best I can do. I wish I had a magick want, for you and for those who struggle with this.


Hi Christie, I love it when you talk about food because it is so real. The midwest is brutal food-wise. Just wait for the tomatoes and corn and then get back here before the tough as hell winter sets in. I got to -220 a few years ago, from 280+, crept back to 237 where I am stuck like glue. I couldn't look at my agility videos from this weekend- I knew I would throw a pity party seeing that. Peace out- you rock.


What is it about stress that makes it so hard to come back from? I am in the same boat with you and working on coming back. Doing it the only way i know how, one day at a time. Now that you are settled, hopefully this will be a cleansing time and a rebirth of sorts. And you can join me with the one day at a time.

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