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26 March 2011


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I'm glad you chose them to interview, Christie.

I hadn't heard of their book until you introduced it here, and immediately ordered it from my little indie book store. Picked it up Thursday and finished it yesterday. Great read!

Carol Lea Benjamin's books I'd read, but Denise Wall to new to me. They both do an excellent job describing and explaining subtle movements, one eyebrow raised, tail an inch lower than usual.

The question they raise, how will litter mates from working lines do when given very different life jobs, is a fascinating one and they do an excellent job exploring it.

So, yay!



Christie, is there any way you could announce the live interview events a day in advance or perhaps the morning of?

Had a busy afternoon/evening last night and would have really loved to have listened to this interview. Is there a copy of it online?

Christie Keith

Kim, I do announce them via my Facebook page, PetHobbyist's Facebook page, in the promo splash on all the various PetHobbyist websites, on the PetHobbyist/ConnectedByPets blog, AND I email out a reminder the night before. Since this isn't really a Pet Connection event, I don't like to abuse my keys to the place by promoting everything here too relentlessly.

And yes, there will be a podcast... probably sometime on Monday!


LOL... ok, point taken. I must have missed that notice in my feed. Ah, well.

I'll be keeping an eye out for that podcast.

Thanks Christie!

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