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27 February 2011


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I'll watch them. Not because I've seen the films, as I haven't, but because I'm a sucker for dress-up events, despite the fact that my favorite outfit in the world is Levis, tennies and a gray V-neck T-shirt.

I've asked to be cremated in them when I die, because that's how I roll. But I still like all the "pretty" big award shows offer.

Evelyn (aka: UptonGirl)

I don't like "big tv events" either - unless there is a real-life event to go with it - I'd go to an Oscar party, but prefer to look up my favorite parts (Superbowl Ads and Oscar highlights) online after the fact.

I need to see Social Network - and hope you have had the chance to see The King's Speech. I didn't adore it like many of my friends - but it was well done and worth the time.

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