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20 January 2011


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Orlando has great stuffed animals -- I got a walrus once that I still treasure. The manatee is way cute -- your nephew should love it.

Gina Spadafori

And I'm commenting from the Denver airport. Christie will be here a few hours after I am.

Yes, it's an incredible amount of information we have stuffed in our brains, our laptops and in our baggage. So much that it will take us a while to decompress it ... like downloading a .zip file.

At this point, after six days of seminars and meetings, all I can tell you for sure is that we were in Orlando, and I will be home in a few hours.

Everything else is kinda vague right now ...

Cool manatee, Christie!

Glenye Oakford

Very jealous you got to attend the conference and learn all this stuff! And get a manatee, too.

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