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05 January 2011


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Thank YOU, Christie! Wonderful rebuttal!

Carol V

I worked in human health care for 25 yrs before working for hubby for 4 years..He's a neurologist and I can absolutely say that his patients that had a reason to wake up in the morning did better than those than had "nobody"...and too many to count of those doing well were petowners...the reason I know is we had many pix of our beloved golden Barkley in the office, and especially at check out...It is amazing what a picture of a dog can do to spark conversation.


As we speak, I'm working on dispensing of the estate of a friend who suicided shortly after T-giving. He had 3x/week talk therapy, antidepressants and I just wonder if he had taken the kitten step- would he still be here? He came so close to adopting a cat- then decided said pet would shred his precious furniture. He was intent on his outcome, and it was out of sheer lonliness. In my heart, I know that love for a pet can and does prevent my friend's sad demise.

Jason Merrihew

Excellent post Christie. I didn't know that pets allow you to sleep more soundly (my cats love to wake me up all hours of the night to remind me not to forget to feed them breakfast :).

Pamela Picard

Maybe he's looking for a spokesperson gig shilling for a drug company. He sounds like he's a good candidate. In any case, love the way you took his argument apart. It is poppycock.


I actually clicked on this thinking it was about pets TAKING prozac. What a surprise!

Although I can often be heard at home threatening my pets about how they will drive me to an early grave, I do believe they have tangible benefits with regard to my mental health.

Cite please?<------doin' it for ya


My cats have always purred me to sleep. And now, with one cat and one dog, when I've had a bad day, one will stretch out on one side of me, and the other on the side. Aquavit purrs, and Addy just cuddles, and I'm calmer and I can sleep.

Kim Thornton

Yes, I have not ever had that "sleep soundly" experience, certainly not in the past two years, and not when I had cats who wanted to be fed NOW (although a timed feeder helped with that).


I love the side-effects from living with my cats.


I keep coming back to this and have to leave a post. Mr. Herzog's comments infuriate me. I, personally, think, no, I KNOW that if it weren't for my 3 dogs, I would not have the life I have. Because of them, I am more active, mentally and physically. Because of them I have a reason to get up in the morning. Because of them I am able to keep symptoms of my MS from returning. Because of them my life is better than it ever could be without them.


What's crazy-making here is the media picking up press releases from scientists doing research because they don't want to do the work of finding and reporting on news.

Science is about making a hypothesis, testing it out, and publishing your results. Other scientists look at your work, try to duplicate it, learn something else and then publish their results.

No research is meant to be the last word. And it will never have a complete picture.

So don't get too excited if someone publishes a press release that shows animals enrich our lives in millions of ways. And don't get too disappointed if another press release says they don't.

Just grab a fun toy to play with your cat, talk to your bird, or walk your dog and know what you know without anyone else having to tell you what to think.


Important to note the research that I've read here and elsewhere about how statins and anti-depressants are not really the cure all that people are believing they are when paying for and taking them. I can say that the deep muscle pain side effect of a statin is horrifying. As for sloppy scientific logic, I have noticed that scientists often generalize. So, they forget that when they are talking about pets they shouldn't lump dolphins in there. We need to call them on that and be sure to teach scientific principles correctly in schools. Oh, and I must tuck my cat AWAY from me during the night and she has grown to prize her little bedroom. My dog wakes me with his snoring. But, I love coming home to their greetings, lying on the couch with one on my chest and the other curled by my feet,and the way they both follow me around and live to love me. I'm "alone" but not lonely.

Peter Write

My cat is one of a kind.I would not know to do with out her.


Heard outside my office door, one 4th grade student to another, "Come pet Bix (our school therapy dog), you'll feel better."

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