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16 January 2011


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H. Houlahan

Right now my veterinary concerns are









Or ... guess who just got puppy fosters from a rural dog pound?

Seriously, if you get any pearls of wisdom on zoonosis control, shelter/public health medicine, or the New Magic Bullet for Ringworm, let me know.

Cindy Steinle

Allergies, lumps and pain relief.

AND if ya can get some great cutting edge reptile stuff. :)

David S. Greene

Supercool news about Dr. Becker's Facebook page! Glad you finally made it to Orlando, and I hope someone eventually cleaned your room.

Christie Keith

Dr. Sarah, I wrote about Slentrol after last year's Western Veterinary Conference -- I don't actually see anything on it on this year's NAVC schedule. Search for Slentrol here on the site, and if you don't find it, I'll dig it up when I'm back on a real computer! Am doing this mobile. :)

Gina Spadafori

Ingrid ... Christie is at feline asthma now. And we've got many of the other topics on the list.

The Kindle story:

I cracked the screen on my Kindle the first night here. While the crack was because I accidentally put my hand on the cover too hard, it wasn't THAT hard, and I didn't think it should have broken.

Not only that: But this is the first trip where I packed NO reading materials except what I'd loaded on the Kindle. So ... I had no reading materials at all. Gonna be a long flight home!

Called Amazon late last night. They not only immediately agreed to replace the Kindle, but also volunteered to OVERNIGHT me a new one to my hotel, fully loaded with all my purchases. I just have to return the broken one when I get home.

That's great customer service, and I'm a happy customer.

As for the topic I'll be blogging about tomorrow, it's a hot one. Two words: Michael Vick.

Stay tuned.


Nutrition! Oh wait, that's not a veterinary topic is it?

Ingrid King

@CathyA: LOL!

I'd love to hear about feline topics (I know this comes as such a surprise to everyone!), especially behavior, renal failure, asthma, and allergies.


Anything on liver problems in senior cats. Lindsey has no symptoms, but has way elevated liver enzymes that are slowly going down with a milk thistle/Sam-e daily supplement, but it's driving both my vet and I batty since besides the blood work, he seems completely fine.


Gina, Christie, up for another conference? ;-)

Public health issues vs. vax comes to mind.....

Dr. Sarah

I would appreciate a weigh-in on the new Slentrol drug....


Isn't it fun to see familiarity at something like that? I have to tell you that when I was at the San Diego Vet conference many years ago when I worked at a vet, my dog's photo came up on the projector (yes, a very long time ago) screen. He had been in a photo shoot for Pro Vet and they had it in the presentation. Wow!!

Dr. Sarah

saaahwweeeet. thanks. Have whole bunches of client's on the 'new year's resolution' kick that want info, info, info. :-)

Dr. Tony Johnson

Can't wait to read the next blog post, G! Sad about the Kindle - mine has become a prized possession in 4 short weeks!

Have fun in Fl everyone!

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