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04 January 2011


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Well, it's pitiful that Delight Products is so inept that state and federal investigators had to find the aflatoxin for them.

What the heck is wrong with the PET FOOD INDUSTRY in this country? They can't seem to manage even basic testing for high risk contaminants before foisting their lethal products on pet owners?

Time for a class action, IMO.


Hey, pet food companies.

We're getting tired of burying our beloved pets because of your stupidity and incompetance.

How about doing a little testing for a change.

Here's a clue: You need to test your ingredients for aflatoxin, vitamin D, and thiamine.

Time to WAKE UP out there, OK?

Sandi K

"Delight Products remained in operation in the aftermath of the recall, Womack said"

So does that mean pet food continued to be made using these contaminated grains and now additional food needs to be recalled as well?

Carol V

Let's hope the test results and continued press coverage makes it hard for Kroger to deny help with veterinary expenses for those affected...


On a related note:

Just recently I found out that there's no AAFCO maximum for calcium and phosphorus in cat food. There IS for dog food, but not cat food. Only minimums for cat food. And all those people telling the people who home prepare cat food to be careful of the Ca:P ratio and how hard it is to get it right. One company has told me their Ca:P is 2:1! I'm working on getting ahold of the rest of them that I use occasionally to see if they will be as forthcoming. I'm betting it will be no different.

Quite frankly this stuns me.


I believe myself to be one of the worst here.I returned a bag of Kroger Chunk food to the Kroger store-Cincinnati Ohio the last week of August-first week of September..Food was blue..cryin and screaming hysterical to the manager to make phone calls to get this recall going..I was given a replacement bag with a 10/24 date on it..manager opened it and said it looks okay...Kroger recall [email protected] the first couple days of 10/1.He was buried 2 months before recall. After contacting the hotline I was contacted by claims management rep. whom lied and told me she was a volunteer and I was sent $80.00 in gift certificates.I'm angry for me and for all grieving pet owners.

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