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23 December 2010


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You mean I could pay someone to take Henry the walkaholic for a walk every day? Although, then I wouldn't get my much needed exercise.


I used to do some dogwalking for a few of my neighbors back when I had the time to do it on a consistent schedule, and only one of them ever offered to pay me for it just because I took his dog out so much. I didn't ask for payment because it's not a job, just more of a "Hey, I know your dog's well-behaved, walks nice, can walk 3 miles comfortably and tolerates other dogs well; I have an extra hand that's not holding a leash, so...why not?"

Only ever took one at a time besides my own dog and unless some kind of photo op came up, I wouldn't consider taking the entire group (4 total, including mine). I'm confident they'd all get along, but the Basenji would have to be walked on her own side since she's a little bit more aloof (and SMALLER) than the golden, Lab mix and my little golden mix.

I can see how and why it can become a good job, and I'd LOVE to try it if ever given the chance, but I just don't have that consistent time schedule that would allow me to do it every day. As it is now, I barely even get to take the other dogs out with me now because of the odd times I'm out, plus the owners are all at work. It was actually very fun taking these dogs out, but I did sometimes wonder...my neighbors know me because I live around them and try to be out a lot. I appreciated and respected their trust in me when I was holding their dogs' leashes, and I can't imagine not vetting out someone I didn't know. Sometimes I wonder if having a well-behaved dog played a role too...obviously, if my own dog is disciplined enough to behave nicely, that reflects well on both of us, so hopefully is enough to inspire some confidence in responsible handling of another dog? Who knows. All I can say is that, I know I'm comfortable handling other dogs, but would it be hypocritical of me to say that I'd never let anyone else walk my dog unless under a very particular set of circumstances?

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