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18 December 2010


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Jerry Hamman

Our 1 1/2 year old Boxer started showing signs of illness in November. We had just purchased our 2nd bag of Old Yeller in late October. Her activity level dropped dramatically, she would just lay and look at us; the whites of her eyes became yellow; she dropped several pounds to where her ribs began showing and she would not eat; she ran a low grade fever; and then she began to develope lesions on her face and body. We took her to her Vet on 12/10/2010 and he prescribed Clavamox tablets and an ointment for the lesions. On 12/24/2010, I received an email from my sister warning me of the Old Yeller contamination. We took Ellie back to the vet when we returned from vacation on 1/3/2010 and asked him if he knew of the possible poisoning problem with the food. He did. He did blood tests, skin scrapings and a urinalysis. We are now using a medicated shampoo and the ointment on the lesions, which continue to appear. Altogether we have spent over $360 in doctor bills. Is anyone going to reimburse us for this? And the $25 we spent on the food? We were lucky that she was young and strong.


Amanda so sorry for your loss of Baby. I had a Baby who passed away 7 yrs ago on Dec 13 but she was blind, deaf, elderly and had other multiple problems. I always felt my mom sent her to me because mom always called me Baby my whole life.

Mom passed away Dec 21. 25 yrs ago.

David S. Greene

I'm so sorry for your loss, Amanda.


My dog Baby was put to sleep this morning, her kidney was too far gone. She was loved by many and will be missed by all. She was so much more than a dog, she was family.

jerry Hamman

We sent a message yesterday but it was not posted. We have a one and half old female boxer named Ellie and she also almost died. We have had her at the Vet two times and she is finally comming out of it. She did break out in sores though and we are still treating them. If she had not been young and strong she would have also died. Im so sorry for the other pets that got sick or died from the dog food. Ours was bought at Kroger store in Peru In and the bag listed the producer as Inter-American Products phone 1-800-697-2448. If the Companys don"t step up and take care of this the power of the people and the inter-net will or should. Jerry


Update... just had to put our 12 year old lab down this morning. Thought he was beating this, but it was too much for him. He developed the sores as well, started bleeding from his mouth and had blood in his urine, Vet said was renal failure and his heart and lungs were filling up with fluid and it was all he could do to just breath. I have lost 2 dogs in less than a month. How much more is it going to take?!?!?! When is the company going to take responsibility for their mistake? Vet called company to report, NO HELP AT ALL from them. We have lost 2 of the best dogs ever at the hand of a multi million dollar corporation. Maybe they need to see what destruction they are causing! To sit in the floor holding my dogs head in my hands while a vet injects a syringe full of fluid and watch my dog take his last breath was torture.



@ Amanda, I am so sorry you lost your baby. My prayers are with you and your family.

I am with you on the vet bills, we are now out $475 for our first dog and now $345 for our second one plus the cost of the tainted crappy dog food!


Leslie K

Alicia- I am so sorry ! While covering the bills will help financially, nothing will replace your 2 babies.


What kind of recourse do we have?

As I speak our Lab is in the hospital (er hosp over the weekend) recieving fluids trying to flush this nasty toxin out~

It came on suddenly.

No one called me about this recall. How did you get called?

So we are trying to save our dog, it has already cost us 1200 bucks.

It was determined that it was this Aflatoxin.

So who can I call... is it worth it?



My 4 month old kitten almost died of this alflatoxin. I read in our newspaper about it and it said to check the expiration date. I did and it was not on there. I should have known better because I kept feeding her. It was a backup bag as I'm also feeding cats outside and feed them Purina Kitten Chow. (She was the one I caught.) My vet kept her overnight and she is well, but we almost lost her. My heart goes out to those who lost their pets. I still have the bag and will look up the info on there and call the company. It cost us $150 for something that never should have happened. The corn was moldy,on the ground, when they harvested it for the food. That is according to my vet. I'm just getting around to posting this as I have been so furious. This company needs to "Make this Right".


has anyone turned in a claim againesd krogers for the bad dog food , if so how do you do so


Someone else had mentioned Sedgwick CMS and I had posted this locator website:

Might be worth contacting the office in your area and asking if they are the ones handling the claims.


If anyone has started with a case against Krogers please contact me at tainted food in SEPTEMBER...Notified their management team..they dropped the ball.....


Have friend that lost beloved cat...she has given me want she had left...60 cans of Friskies and 1 patial bag of Pet Pride with October date...need to know where to send addition..a Kroger employee lost her beloved husky in December..I was sent $80.00 in gift certificates to replace my Pekenguise and I'm sorry...thats not enough...

Melanie Marie Shifflett Ridner

Okay folks here we go again.I lost my cat and my girlfriend lost her dog to Old Yeller yesterday.How do we know because that is what we switched to recently for the price.I have many pets here that ate the food and now am worried for these as well. The symptoms are what has been described with all the pets that died in Dec.It was painful for me as well as my loving animal.Now the worry is if I will lose the others as well.I have my reiepts and these bags were bought in February, March, and April.One bag was used and killed my lovely cat.Sure they refunded the dog food but that is not enough.Our pets are our lives and love.I will push this as far as I can and worry the whole time about my other animals as well.

sharon shotwell

We have a three year old Great Dane, suddenly his back legs kept collapsing, he was having accidents and loosing weight. We took him to the vet and $300. later, he wanted us to take to see a specialist, he felt he was having nerve problems. He ask what we were feeding him and we said Old Yeller. He immediately told us to get him off this food! Within several days he was getting better, he still is not back to as good as he was, but he is alive! And continues to improve. I also feel Krogers should be held accountable.


RODERICK EBERTOWSKI #10: It sounds like your dog could have been suffering from Parvo. 3 of my dogs had Parvo and they didn't eat, drink or hardly move. Vomiting and diarrhea also...not sure if your dog showed those symptoms. Just a thought. Parvo also has a very distinctive BAD smell.

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