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18 December 2010


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Ok, found a little detail. Turns out that Delight and every other company named here are all just other ways to say "Kroger".

Also, for some reason they have a listing under the EPA for "Animal Slaughter omitting poultry". I can't seem to get a description for this. The other three descriptions are simply "dog and cat food".



Are you saying that Inter-American manufacturers exclusively for Kroger owned retailers? If so that's good news as it implies that there are no non-Kroger brands that might have been affected. Can you provide a reference?


So, is it only the bags with the Oct date bad or does it start there..I have a bag dated sell by Dec.


Inter-American IS Kroger. I buy Fred Meyer products and beans and tomatoes and other stuff are all "distributed by Inter-American Products, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202." They say product of the USA, but of course no address of an actual canning facility. It will probably take a court order to find out where that pet food was manufactured.


Here's some irony. I just looked at a press release for the introduction of "Old Yeller" dog food in 2005. They have a link to Kroger's website. Went to Kroger's web site. Up top is a notice about the recall, at the bottom it says they offer pet insurance as one of their many services.


The issue here is that it doesn't look like this is a "closed" manufacturing operation, working solely for the Kroger chains. They are openly soliciting the business of others on the Inter-American website:

Contact us today and let us show you what we can do.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our manufacturing capabilities and how we can partner to improve your product line and profitability.

Inter-American Products

1240 State Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45204


Fax: 513-244-3668

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about a product purchased from your local grocer.

Consumer Affairs

11310 Cornell Park Drive

Plaza 2

Blue Ash, OH 45242


Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST

Online complaint form at link.

Sorry if this posts twice-tried and the page froze in my browser.


Wouldn't it be nice if these pet food companies would agree to pay UP FRONT for any sick pet known to be eating their brand of food?

At least some of the people posting here were contacted by the company; that tells me the company has a valid list of customers known to have purchased the toxic, if that customer's pet is sick why can't the company give them a few hundred bucks to go to the vet and hopefully save the pet's life?

Instead people are forced to wait months, maybe years to be compensated for their veterinary bills....and not everyone can afford an emergency veterinary exam.

I think more pets lives would be saved during these recalls if there were some way for people to get emergency treatment when they can't afford it. And who better to pay than the company that poisoned the pet in the first place?


So based on menusux comment it is still possible that there are other brands manufactured by Delight Foods and those brands could, emphasize "could", also be contaminated but not yet recalled.

Has anyone contacted Delight Foods about the possibility of other contaminated brands?

Gina Spadafori

Becky, I'd take it back for a refund and switch brands. Why take chances?


It appears to me that InterAmerican products IS Kroger, although I'm trying to unwind this and it's not easy.

Check out this EPA form - Delight Products Company shown as clearly owned by KROGER.

Could very well be that they are one and the same (paper name vs. public name).

Now, NONE of this either confirms or denies that Delight was or wasn't producing for anyone else. So far, I'm having trouble with the details, but most of these brand names don't have websites - the only way to check where they're from is the address on the bag - and even that's just a starting point sometimes. (menusux - I know you know this, just filling in some blanks for anyone reading the thread.)

Back to teh iterwebs...


Sorry for the repetitive posting (particularly for those of you on RSS) but Joy, you are right. If I can produce a bag of the food, or a receipt that shows I purchased a bag of food while that store was selling the tainted lot, the bill should go immediately to Kroger's, at least for a physical and a full blood panel including testing for exposure to aflatoxins.

If the animal has in fact been exposed, any and all treatment should be treated at Kroger's expense. Follow-up treatment, if required, should also be covered, or a settlement should be reached to ensure that he or she is taken care of.


I still don't know why this is even up for discussion in situations like this. Billions of dollars in profits, and they can't spare the money to fix a problem that THEY created?

Sorry, but I call bullshit. Bring on the lawyers.


I will note Kroger says to return bag for store for a refund. IF YOUR ANIMALS HAVE EATEN THIS FOOD do NOT do this! Keep it as proof, otherwise it's POOF!


According to InterAmerican's own website, of all their plants, only ONE manufactures dog and cat food - the Delight plant.

A quick search places Kroger and InterAmerican as the same company.

If you check the head office addresses, they're identical.

Now, that still doesn't rule out other brands, but it does at least certainly limit us at this point to one company, one grocery chain, and one manufacturer. I would expect that the rest of what they put out is of the "no name" brand type of food.

I suggest checking the bottom of any and all (if possible!) store brand bags in any and all stores (sorry guys, I'm in Canada!) and check the address of manufacture. If it's Springfield, please record any pertinent information including brand, size, store, lot code and date.

I'm doubting we're going to find anything outside what they make for Kroger's and any of Kroger's subsidiary companies (I'm assuming with a company this large it's like any other company - several levels of economic-level aimed stores under the same umbrella). It looks as if they were using this plant to dispose of the extras from the remainder of their plants, plus a few extra ingredients (whatever "Animal Slaughter - other than poultry" means).

A giant caveat - this is only what I've uncovered so far and my own personal deductions from this information. I've been known to be wrong (sorry, Diamond! - but with your record on aflatoxins certainly you can understand) and happy to admit it.

But this is still extremely serious. As we learned from the 2007 issue, a handful of PetConnection reported problems is usually equal to a much larger number in the general public. So please, when you're out doing your groceries, anything on the shelf that doesn't have a brand name, please just take a second and check it's place of manufacture. ANY brands not sold in Kroger stores manufactured in Springfield should be reported immediately - unless these companies agree to give up their client list (I'll check for that when I see a pig fly by my window) it's plain old fashioned footwork that will ensure that this is in fact limited to this chain of stores.

In the meantime, I would return anything manufactured by these companies or in this plant and find a suitable alternative - either from a different store or with a well known brand name on it (ie something with a website).

This is also a good opportunity for those of us who can to visit our local pet specialty store and see what kind of foods are available these days that use no grain at all, or low levels of whole, human quality grain. Aflatoxin is present in grains - and the aflatoxin level acceptable for human food is MUCH lower than that considered acceptable for "pet feed".

As for the bag to bag concerns - there are none once the bag has reached the store.

***one edit to my previous post regarding kidney thresholds. I was in fact mistaken and should have referred to liver thresholds. The only excuse I have are pain medication and way too much research at the same time. Regardless, it was an inexcusable error that served to further confuse an already confusing issue and I apologize for that. Aflatoxicosis is acute and requires immediate treatment, and some animals escape without liver damage. Others are not so lucky. Certain strains can and DO affect the kidneys, but the bottom line is if your pet has been exposed, bloodwork is a necessity. My apologies for any confusion.****


Thanks for the US confirmation, CLH. And yes, I saw the Pet Insurance link yesterday, but I just grimaced and moved past it - I was already grounding my teeth to nubs...


Carol V

my 2007 induced PTSD is not allowing me to stay off this site...and others.....sure hope this is isolated to what they claim....

melissa acosta

i have purchased many many bags of this food in 50 lbs bags due to i have 2 boxers , i had 3 vet did not give a reason of death , jackson was almost 4 yeards old . he passed a few months ago :( no medical problems at all prior .....

i have 2 empty bags and a few pieces of food in the bottom of a bag and a new one with a dec 2011 date but matches the recall bar code number ???????????

as a consumer i am confused , do i take it back to kroger ? tiger girl ot tutu have had bad gas and have pooped more than usual in the last few days , gums are solid pink in tiger girl and whiteish pink in tu tu ?

i love my babies and my heart breaks for you all who have lost a loving friend ,

what do i do ?


i put my dog food in a rubber container..does anyone have an image of the Kroger Value Chunk Dog Food package/bag? i'd like to see it


Excellent point, CathyA.

Check out for instructions on how to handle potentially contaminated food, where to send samples if funds are raised to test them and how else you can help.

Just a word of warning that the discussion is not as... open there as it is here, so while the site is an absolutely amazing collection of facts and information including who makes what and the real meaning of all those words you've wondered about like "denatured."

However, as someone who has been banned from the site (imagine! lol) just keep your posts to the facts and use every detail possible. They will undoubtedly use it to sort out where each lot went and where the reports are the worst. They have incredible researchers (as do we!) and excel in tracking things on the data end. Yeah, I got blacklisted, but I give credit where credit is due, and these guys do great work.

Of course, if you have the money (and I know there must be a few readers) give a Christmas present to these dog owners - see if you can get your hand on some of the affected product (communication through here should be enough) or the ultimate is an unopened bag, although they're the holy grail in these cases, and send the product to the lab for testing. Find out what the actual levels of aflatoxins were - the legal amount according to AAFCO is 20ppb. Judging by the reports I'm reading from around the world where higher results are fed to dogs (Mexico in particular) who suffer internal changes but show no outward issues... I'm guessing the level is... well... high.

Susan Fox

I want to also reinforce what CathyA said about keeping the bag. I returned the listed cans we had back in 2007 and realized a couple of days later that I now had no proof that my dog had ever eaten that food. Fortunately, he only got mildly ill and is ok. Forgo the refund, keep the evidence!

Sandi K

Saw this update from Gina at the top:

Update from Gina, 2 p.m. PT 12/30: I just talked to Chambers Williams of The Tennessean. If your dog or cat ate the recalled food and got sick or died, he wants to talk to you, especially if you’re in Tennessee:. 615-259-8076.


I really hope when people call Kroger they arent being told they've received no other reports of pet illness from anyone else. Besides the Friday night dump n run, thats always been another issue that irks me with these recalls. I hope people call the FDA rep for their area as well as Kroger, if they have affected pets, and keep the bag and some of the food in case you need it for proof. My heart goes out to anyone affected by this recall. Im like Carol above, having some PTSD kicking in...garbage leftover from 2007's nightmare.


The FDA web site also says to contact the Conusmer Complaint Coordinator with complaints about pet food. Here is the list of contact phone numbers copied from the FDA site.

To report adverse reactions or other problems with FDA-regulated products, contact the FDA district office consumer complaint coordinator for your geographic area. If you require the use of a Relay Service, please call the Federal Relay Services (1-800-877-8339). This is a toll free relay service to call Federal agencies from TTY devices.

Please Note: There is not a Consumer Complaint Coordinator in each state. Consumer Complaint Coordinators are assigned by regions. Therefore, several states will have the same Consumer Complaint Coordinator assigned to it.


Alaska--(toll free) 800-353-3965

Arizona--(949) 608-3530

Arkansas--(214) 253-5237

California (Northern)--(510) 337-6741

California (Southern)--(949) 608-3530

Colorado--(303) 236-3044

Connecticut-- (toll-free) 800-891-8295

Delaware-- (toll-free) 877-689-8073

District of Columbia--(410) 779-5713

Florida -- (866) 337-6272

Georgia--(404) 253-1169

Hawaii-- 808-522-8011 x100

Idaho--(toll free) 800-353-3965

Illinois--(312) 353-7840

Indiana--(313) 393-8189

Iowa--(913) 752-2440

Kansas--(913) 752-2440

Kentucky--(513) 679-2700, ext. 124

Toll-free in Kentucky: 800-437-2382


Maine-- (toll-free) 800-891-8295

Maryland--(410) 779-5713

Massachusetts-- (toll-free) 800-891-8295

Michigan--(313) 393-8189

Minnesota--(612) 758-7221


Missouri--(913) 752-2440

Montana--(toll free) 800-353-3965

Nebraska--(913) 752-2440

Nevada--(510) 337-6741

New Hampshire-- (toll-free) 800-891-8295

New Jersey-- (973) 331-4917

New Mexico--(303) 236-3044

New York -- (toll-free) 866-446-9055

North Carolina--(404) 253-1169

North Dakota--(612) 758-7221

Ohio--(513) 679-2700, ext. 124

Toll free in Ohio: 800-437-2382

Oklahoma--(214) 253-5237

Oregon--(toll free) 800-353-3965


Rhode Island-- (toll-free) 800-891-8295

South Carolina--(404) 253-1169

South Dakota--(612) 758-7221

Tennessee-- 866-289-3399

Texas--(214) 253-5237

Utah--(303) 236-3044

Vermont-- (toll-free) 800-891-8295

Virginia--(410) 779-5713

Washington-- (toll free) 800-353-3965

West Virginia--(410) 779-5713

Wisconsin--(612) 758-7221

Wyoming--(303) 236-3044

Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands--800-332-0127


Melissa, if it were me, I would put the food aside (stop feeding but save it). These recalls have a way of expanding sometimes. I would also get my dogs checked at the vet as soon as I possibly could (need to have them checked to make sure their organs are ok). I would buy a new food right away that didn't have corn in it until this is cleared up.

Do you have a Kroger/Grocery card that tracks your purchases? You may be able to find out if you were feeding toxic food recently that way.


My sympathies to anybody that might suspect they lost a loved on to this food.

But come on now lets all be adults about this. First of all, no company willingly allows contaminated food of any kind to reach the public or our pets.

Secondly, expecting Kroger managers and top brass to stay in late and answer your phone calls just so you can complain is a bit much to expect from any company. We live in a messed up legal system in this nation, and lawyers will be telling them the less said the better. Obviously true by the over the top comments I have read so far on this thread. People can't just wait to sue over anything now days. ( Obvious from some of the childish comments on this blog as I read through it.)

And last but not least, comment number 77 by Grahund is exactly right, we need to pay taxes for certain things in this nation and not the least of which is to fund the FOOD safety administration. So let me ask how many of you whiners complaining so loudly voted for Republicans and the Tea party in this last election? ................ Several I imagine.

There you go people you have only yourself to blame. The right wingers hate taxes going to anything for safety. Having the ridiculous Ron Paul notion that companies will police themselves. So here you go all you right wingers, you have what you asked for. Because you can bet the Republicans have no interest in funding food safety departments. Next time it might be you instead of your pet that gets sick.

As for me I read through these comments and pretty much decided to throw out all my dog and cat food. Time to go back to feeding my furry family on rice, and some meat cooked up special by Mama.

They won't mind.


OK, skimmed the FDA report, and it's soooooooo depressing I'm speechless.

Any further nagging of the FDA about any food safety issue is useless.

..."We found that FDA’s resource shortfalls have resulted in a plethora of inadequacies that threaten our society — including, but not limited to, inadequate inspections of manufacturers, a dearth of scientists who understand emerging new technologies, inability to speed the development of new therapies, an import system that is badly broken, a food supply that grows riskier each year, and an information infrastructure that was identified as a source of risk in every Center and program reviewed by the Subcommittee. We conclude that FDA can no longer fulfill its mission without substantial and sustained additional appropriations."

"...The magnitude of the resources required to restore scientific capability and capacity is substantial. The IOM has indicated the minimum immediate appropriation necessary to address urgent needs in drug safety is $350 million. And the Grocery Manufacturers/Food Products Association has recommended a minimum of $450 million over five years is needed to ensure food safety."

Call your congressmen and women! Demand food safety funding!


Next time you as a voter are listening to a politician demand tax cuts, you as a consumer should keep in mind that government provides vital services, like food safety, and that those services cost money provided by taxes. The alternative is to rely on Kroger, Diamond, Menu, (BP, Exxon, Enron, AGI) etc. We see how well that works out.

We now return to regularly scheduled programming.

Carol V

Let me say that I feel PFC's should be going over the top when it comes to helping unsuspecting petowners whose pets are dying or dead simply by feeding them....I was and still am deeply affected by the 2007 melamine recall...I at first believed the PFC (Menu Foods) that they cared about my two cats who were dying and requiring expensive care all while every single extra cent I had was being used to treat my 16 month old pup for cancer...I gave Menu Foods the benefit of the doubt that they would do the right thing here I still wait more than 3 years later for "Menu Foods" (their insurance really) to reimburse me for vet bills their food caused...I fortunately had a very understanding vet who allowed me to pay on a monthly plan as he also knew our family was paying for cancer treatments for our young pup during this Paula---unless you have been in shoes as mine...please do not complain about petowners who have done nothing wrong except feed their pet...


Getting weary of hearing that FDA needs more money and more regulations.

More money? How much money does it take to drive to Kroger headquarters, padlock the doors, and take the varmits to jail?

More regulations? The Bioterrorism Act gives the FDA authority to act, but they don't want to because they are captives of the very industry they were created to regulate.

It's not about the money; it's not about lack of regulations - it's about politics.

The FDA's current Deputy Commisioner for Foods is a political appointee.

During a previous administration, he helped write the rules which allow Bovine Growth Hormone in milk. He has variously worked for Monsanto, FDA, USDA. He led the ban to prevent the labeling of GM products. While a Monsanto VP, he was in charge of lobbying. He argued against regulations that prohibit adding cancer causing chemicals to food.

You think he wants to crack down on the pet food industry? Not likely.

And another thing, those same congress critters who rail against producers of tainted food when CPAN's camera's are turned on have about a million excuses for doing nothing when you call them.

I've called dozens of them, and they're very much the same -- can't see past the next election, don't want to jeopardize future PAC contributions, and don't want to be labeled "isolationists" (that's why they can't stop contaminated imports).

Can someone please explain how more money and more regulations can fix such a corrupt and broken system?

If you believe that 'mo money will fix the FDA, go ahead and write a big check to the US Treasury.

But please don't raise everyone's taxes. I need to save a few $'s just in case my family or my fur kids get sick from eating contaminated food.


What the food and pet food industry have done is indefensible. However corporations act in their own self interest, we should assume nothing more. We as consumers depend on the FDA to ensure the corporations produce only safe, healthy products. Unfortunately we as voters have for years elected representatives who have stripped the FDA of the money it needs to do the job.

Consumers are reaping what the voters have sowed.



Wow grahund! If anyone wants to read the report: FDA Science and Mission at Risk, it's here:


5CatMom - more money - for PEOPLE to enforce the current regs, because there aren't enough; and equipment - email system broke down during huge spinach recall (a frequent occurence); and scientists, who are responsible for seeing that products are safe. Their job has expanded hugely over the years, by mandate from the feds, without any money to do the job.

Read the paper.

And yes, it's also corrupt, part of the problem.


Paula wrote: “But come on now let’s all be adults about this. First of all, no company willingly allows contaminated food of any kind to reach the public or our pets.”

I disagree with this comment. First, because we are all adults here and if our opinions differ it doesn’t mean anyone is lesser than the other. Second, because *willingly allows* is the same in my mind as *negligence*. If a PFC doesn’t have the proper QC processes in place to test the ingredients from their suppliers or test the final product, that is negligence. Negligence is against the law.

“Secondly, expecting Kroger managers and top brass to stay in late and answer your phone calls just so you can complain is a bit much to expect from any company.”

This is a very callous remark considering frantic, desperate and terrified pet owners would be the ones calling for help and guidance for their sick pets, and I wouldn’t classify this as complaining. To me complaining means the jeans I just bought shrunk two sizes after I washed them. Managers and top brass don’t have to man the phones, they don’t typically do anyway. Customer service reps could easily have been installed to work with the public. If this were baby food, I bet those reps could have been put on board in a heartbeat.

Lastly, I hope this topic doesn’t turn into a democrats vs. republicans bantering because in reality they’re all to blame if the problems still exist, and obviously they do.




Sorry, but the whole pet food industry/cabal will get no "slack" from me.

Their recall excuses are getting to be very predictable. Let's see: aflatoxin, thiamine (too little), vitamin D (too much).

If the industry was RESPONSIBLE, it would put a stop to such negligence.

Aflatoxin testing is inexpensive, and has been available for a long time. There really is no excuse for contaminated grain to pass through the whole supply chain undetected.

Like the man said, "this ain't rocket surgery."

Shame on the pet food industry for yet another recall.


Our dogs have went through probably three-four bags of the Old Yeller Dog food, and I'm wondering what we should do about it. On one hand we just got laid off, and are on food stamps, so we can't afford a high quality food for even ourselves. Should we try to get refunds for all the bags we've purchased since the incident, or save the bag with food, and then... do what? I'm really at a loss. We've had a lot of stress here lately from losing the job and everything. :(

Sandi K

Well said Gina. I was reading an article regarding the lobbying efforts of AFIA in regard to the food safety bill. I guess we will know more what it really means when and if the House passes the bill. But the article said "AFIA worked with Capitol Hill – in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle – to ensure the commercial feed and pet food industries are recognized as separate from human food processing,...". The title of the article was "Food Safety Reform Bill Praised By Feed Industry". It kind of says it all.

Gina Spadafori

I highly recommend Pet Connection BFF Dr. Marion Nestle's "Safe Food: The Politics of Food Safety."

It gives you a pretty good idea why reform is so hard to attain.

Gina Spadafori

Whenever there's a recall, people who know that a couple of our bloggers feed a home-prepared diet tell us we need to use these "opportunities" to push people away from commercial food.

That's especially true this time, when the product is a generic kibble. I've had lots of private e-mails along the lines of, "People who feed generic food named after a fictional dog who was shot for rabies are too dumb to own a pet anyway."

Uh, no.

When we got the same sorts of comments during the 2007 recall, we called BS. The answer isn't telling people that if they don't home-prepare their pets food (or, in this case, buy a premium product) they deserve to have their pets die.

In the first place, there are risks to feeding anything. Handling ingredients for a home-prepared meal has risks (that can be minimized, of course), and buying that premium food won't help you either, as the Blue Buffalo problems showed.

And more importantly, we absolutely believe that people should be able to at the very least have confidence that no matter the price or the source of the food they buy, it should not KILL PETS.

The responsibility for safe choices is on the company, not on the consumer. These companies have the abilities to test for quality, we don't. (The impossibility of testing a manufacturer's claims or the quality of ingredients is why we don't review foods or treats on this site, by the way.)

While no company sets out to kill pets (or people, in the cases of other products), they ALL evaluate the risks and benefits of the decisions they make. And they all decide what the acceptable risk is -- if they can make a product that sells well at a competitive price point, they'll factor in the possibility of recalls, illness, death and claims against them to see if they'll still make money. It's all part of doing business.

In a larger sense, that's not necessarily bad. If the standard were zero risk, we wouldn't have products that would meet the no-risk standard -- no cars, no stoves, no power grid, etc.

But since the market values life differently then most of us do, we ALSO need a strong regulatory system to set the floor for acceptable risk.

Despite the Senate's passing of an important food-safety act in the lame-duck session, I sadly believe that no true reform of food-safety regulations will happen until we have a truly catastrophic event that sickens and kills as many people as the 2007 disaster killed animals -- tens of thousands. When (not if) that happens, we'll look back and wonder why we didn't fix what was so obviously broken when he had the chance. The answer, of course, is that regulatory matters are boring to most people and are left to elected and appointed officials looking for donations and other benefits from the industries facing regulations, which means teeth are removed long before the law or regulation is passed.

It's heckava job, Brownie, over and over and over.

H. Houlahan

I’ve had lots of private e-mails along the lines of, “People who feed generic food named after a fictional dog who was shot for rabies are too dumb to own a pet anyway.”


That is despicable.

A layoff, a Madoff -- some people would be surprised at how quickly one might be choosing between buying generic dog food or giving away one's pet.


If The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 were being enforced today, melamine in pet food would not have happened in 2007. Read the second article addressing misbranded and adulterated products from other countries. It's pretty much all there, it's not being enforced. I feed kibble but supplement with a variety of other food. I pay through the nose for that kibble and it still doesn't guarantee that someday my dog won't be poisoned. Everyone in this country should be guaranteed that the food they eat will not kill them. I'm not sure that more legislation will help. I think enforcing the laws we have would be a good start.

Susan Fox

Can we get a "Like" button on this blog? I think I'd wear it out on this thread.

Sandi K

Comment by Paula — December 21, 2010 @ 10:51 am Geesh, Im about as liberal as they get but to say anyone who has a pet sick or dead from this food asked for it, is pretty heartless in my opinion. This recall has nothing to do with what party someone does or doesnt belong to. Its about another pet food recall where people appear to be having their pets get sick or die and they dont know what to do. They want answers and help, thats all. The people arent to blame, they fed a food that is sold in a grocery store that is supposed to be safe and not kill their pet. And while the food contamination probably wasnt intentional, what did the company do to prevent it. What is their QC practice, and once they found out, how did they handle it. Did they put out notice immediately or hold the news for a Friday night dump n run? Did they man phones to help scared petowners i.e. their customers that they say they care so much about in those expensive TV ads? Did they learn anything from prior pet food recalls such as the Diamond recall in 2006 for aflatoxin or the Menu Foods recall in 2007? I see lots of blame being heaped on the petowners here, but where is the responsibility on the part of the company? I told a friend today that if the pet food industry put even a fraction of what they spend on lobbyists, into QC, my guess is we wouldnt be looking at this big problem. But instead their excuse is not enough money to do all the testing that is needed and in order to do that testing we would have to charge you hundreds for a can of food (exaggeration I know, but you get my drift).

Carol V

Since Kroger is number 2 behind Walmart---I do expect phones answered round the clock....frantic pet owners need answers...I know firsthand...

Carol V

Slightly OT (but not really) ..

Carol V

Here is some info on how this was much for the "no reports of sick or dead pets" mantra...


RALEIGH –Tests done at two state laboratories in west Raleigh are responsible for the Kroger pet food recall in 19 states. The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ vet and feed labs were both involved in discovering the presence of aflatoxin in dog food after the deaths of several North Carolina dogs.

Read more: Garner News - Kroger pet food recall initiated after testing at NCDA CS labs

R. Scheidler

just found out about the recall yesterday. Our cat Marvin was just euthanized a couple of weeks ago. Months ago the vet suggested I put him on a soft food diet. he loved the Pet Pride pouches. don't think these were mentioned in the recall but who knows. Shortly after he began to lose weight stopped drinking became a different cat. he went from 12 lbs. to 6 lbs. with severe diarhea. Vet couldn't figure out the problem. I think now we know.




It's time for all feed companies to be required to test their food and to hold it until the tests come back.

Sandi K

This is just heartbreaking to read all these stories. My heart goes out to all of you.


I am thinking this is going to be found more widespread than just Kroger brands. The timing is too coincidental and many sources for dry foods are the same; i.e., I just lost my 5 year old shih-tzu with the exact same symtoms on 12/10 and my Lhasa was experiencing same until I switched foods immediately. They were both eating Kibbles N Bits (Del Monte Foods) (fresh, or not-so-fresh bag opened 12/08.) Luckily the Lhasa survived, but after closer inspection of the food which offered no real toxic smell, it was dark brown/green unlike the normal colorful chunks. It happened very quickly, so beware. I have saved food and stool staples as well as the lot number which was sold at a Food For Less in Missouri.


I have a one year old pitbull who is the sweetest n most loving dog I've ever had. It is my 3 year olds dog she sits on him,chases him, and they play hide and seek daily. After I got the call about the re called food I notice him not bein his normal hyper self. Since last night he has continously been vomitting and hasn't eatin a thing. He's drank water but just throws it right back up. I'm takin him to the vet at 8 tomoro morning but I am a 21 yr old full time student and also a single parent. As we all kno vet bills can be quite expensive and its also right around christmas time! Does anybody know how and if kroger is reimbursing for vet bills? Clearly they should

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