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18 December 2010


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So, hey, Kroger - is this from improper processing of mouldy corn in manufacture, or is it kibble that's been improperly stored and gone mouldy?

Gina Spadafori

The "recall kitteh" returns. :(

Bretta Dillon

So this was known, at minimal 9 hours ago, odd how i only got the call notifying me 22 minutes after the call center for the number that was left had closed. So here I am unable to determine exactly what this might mean to the health of my four rescue dogs. Should i rush them to the vet tonight, are they going into renal faliure? What is the deal? Call the high paid managers back in and make them answer the calls of concerned pet owners. I find it totally unacceptable and irresponsible that i am given minimal information for a recall on a product i bought and feed to my family members! As a consumer and customer I would like to make a strong request that someone contact me with what the issues are with this recall and what adverse affects it may have on my pets health!


Off topic: I don't know what made a company think that naming food after a dog who's most famous for contracting a horrific disease and being put down because of it was a good idea.

H. Houlahan

Kind of like Ramses condoms, eh?

Robin Thrailkill

Hello I received information about this recall I buy the tasty blend poultry&seafood 18lbs bag like once a week or once every other week. The bag I am on now is a Nov. date but I do not hold onto the bags once they are empty. I am a little concerned of how many or if any of these bags I have feed my cats and what symptoms or behaviors should I be looking for? This recall should have been released earlier to prevent any mishaps but further information would be nice.

Nancy Freedman-Smith

Old Yeller dog food. Marketing #fail


Robin, the info given in the press release is:

"If your pet shows any symptoms of illness, including sluggishness or lethargy combined with a reluctance to eat, yellowish tint to the eyes and/or gums, and severe or bloody diarrhea, please consult your veterinarian immediately."


More on aflatoxin poisoning symptoms in cats:


Roderick - my deepest sympathies for your loss. I suggest you get your other dog in for bloodwork asap. Aflatoxins can cause kidney failure, and if your dog was already suffering a certain amount of kidney damage (the kidney must be severely compromised before you'll see physical symptoms) it could be possible that if exposed to aflatoxins the kidneys were just pushed past their limit.

The issue is, now you need to focus on the health of your other dog. If the bag was in fact contaminated, there could be kidney damage there that is still asymptomatic. The sooner this damage is identified, the sooner you can receive instruction on how to limit the damage.


Can anyone who has a bag of the aforementioned product (recalled or not) give me any information on the bag in reference to where it was manufactured? There should be information on the bag - it's not on the web and with it being a store brand it's not like I can track down the parent company...

There should be manufacturing information on every bag. Thanks in advance.


I'm just taking a WILD stab in the dark (honestly, I am, although I will try to look it up) anyone know who makes Kroger?

Judging by the last dozen aflatoxin recalls, I'm guessing Diamond - but this is ONLY a guess.


My dog died 3 weeks ago. I purchased this food 3 weeks ago. I received the call last night at around 8:32 pm. My dog was fine prior to me getting this food. Within 3 days he was deae. Stopped eating, drinking then just layed there. I thought it was old age since he was like 11 yr old Lb/Dalmation Mix but prior to eating that food he was fine. All of a sudden he took a 3 day spiral and died. Everyone asked me if he had gotten out into something I said no just new dog food. sorry Walter

The phone call I recevied was from Dillon/Kroger Foods telling me that I had purchased this food and that it had been recalled. If anyone out there has your dog showing the exact symptons as they describe in the recall order. Take your pet or pets to the vet ASAP. Now my other dog ate it to and he is showing no signs or issues. I know I purchased it just do not know why it has no effected my other dog.

Day 1- Limited food “The Bad Food”, limited water bad breath as well barely moved at all layed there.

DAY 2- No food would not even eat bacon or hamburger, No water had to feed him with a turkey baster, very bad breath.

Day- 3 Died that night, he dies in my wifes arms in the garage floor. He went into convultions as she lifted his head, uncontrolled urination and shaking, rectal bleeding - gone.

Bill Eger

My heart goes out to those who have sick pets or have lost them.

PLEASE research what food you give your pet; it matters! Corn is a cheap ingredient and is subject to mold when not handled properly. You will be shocked.

Gina Spadafori


I am NOT going to allow commenters to trash veterinarians on this thread. It's off-topic, and, quite frankly, ignorant of the cost of both human and veterinary medicine.

You want to blame someone for your sick animal? Blame the corporation that didn't care enough about your pet to do everything they could to get the word out when they knew they had a problem.

Instead, veterinarians and other pet-lovers are left trying to clean up the disaster ... AGAIN.

Susan Colon

My 2 Cattle dogs got sick, and vomited for a few days. I and I scrubed and cleaned up after them. But they seem fine now. Returned the dog food last night, as they ate most of the bag. I assumed they had eaten something outside that made them sick. Kroger needs to do more for those that were affected by this mess.


So which sleazy contract manufacturing company actually made the cwrap, didn't test it properly, and then shipped it out to unsuspecting customers?


I agree with Gina - on the same hand, there is a certain level of frustration for those people who feel that they are doing everything to keep their pets healthy and don't have a savings account. Those pets that are moderately to severely affected (and likely some of those who are mildly affected) are going to suffer acute veterinary bills - five days before Christmas in the worst economy ever.

*However* - your vet did not make your dog sick, your pet food, on the other hand, may have. If you have a bag on the recall list, bring it with you on your appointment - it's possible that your vet will allow you to delay payment in light of the circumstances, however don't get angry if they don't, just try to work something out. Most are willing if you can prove to them you really mean it. I'm sure our vets can chime in here.


PLEASE, if anyone has the contact information on the bag, PLEASE post it here.

There should be a part on the bag (likely on either side or on the back near the very bottom by the UPC where it states where the food was made.

That information is extremely important, if someone can please post it here I would be very grateful.

My deepest sympathies for anyone who has experienced an issue personally with these foods. It is imperative you see a veterinarian and get blood levels immediately.

Carol V

this link does share some info about the foods...;msg189676#msg189676

Paula Snead

Just lovely...explains why I lost 2 ferrets. I, like a few others, thought it was due to old age, but they had all of the symptoms listed for cats.

All of a sudden they were urinating more, discolored fecal matter that was loose, problems breathing, not playing, and an overly huge stomach. Of course with no time to take to a vet because it happened so fast.


So around November 10th, I had 4 dogs die within days of each other, no warning - just die. I bought the 50 lb bag of Old Yeller the last week of October. My questions have been answered I guess... I'm still heartbroken about losing 4 of my babies. Don't they realized that most of the food the just recalled has most likely been eaten already?

Matthew Abel

The sell-by date on Old Yeller is printed on a white panel on the bottom end of the 50# bag.


My dalmation had to be put down because of all the symptons mentioned in the recall artical. What recource do I have for all the vet bills as well as the the vet bills for testing my other two dogs for liver damage. I have been eeding Old Yeller for 2 years.


I can't find a thing about this on the FDA's website. I looked at all my FDA e-mails for the last 24hrs and there's been no notification from them. Must not be updating on the weekend. Useless.


i wanna know who is going to pay my vet bill for my daugghters kittens she is disabled and needs her pet

April C

I wish someone would of made it clear what was going on with Old Yeller, all my dog's were deathly sick and we didn't know why. How could anyone of known why they were still selling it. We lost our oldest dog, a red doberman she was 17yrs old. It started with her, she was acting like she couldn't digest anything if she would eat if would come back up like poop coming out of her mouth. Finally after a week of this she passed away. we called vets and anyone we could think of, because of her age they kept telling us to bring her in to put her down. my other dogs also were sick but got over it, but we lost the mother of them all.

Sandi K

I hope anyone that has had a pet fall ill or worse contacts the FDA rep for their area Monday and report it asap. This has the list of phone numbers to call for each state:

You can also report it via the Reportable Food Registry but I would think calling would be the first thing to do.

Sandi K

Betty, I think Kim mentioned it above, if any of your other dogs ate that food, even though they might seem OK on the surface, I would still get them into the vet to make sure evrything is really OK on the inside. Im very sorry for your loss

Gina Spadafori

I would like to add that the price of a Vet assessment is way over the top! It’s shameful when the price of veterinary service is the same OR more then a human would be charged for medical care! The greed of people will be mankinds demise. (sigh)

Comment by Kathy Blythe — December 20, 201

Kathy, I'm very glad that your dogs seem OK, but the charges for diagnostic testings are NOT over the top, nor are they more than what is charged for the same work in people. The difference is that in people, Medicare or private insurance is paying the difference between what you pay and what is charged. What you pay for your tests is NOT what they cost.

It's not greed from the veterinarian. It's good medicine to suggest diagnostics -- your human physician would be sued for malpractice if she did NOT order them -- and that $500 is far less than would be charged for the same tests for you.

Don't shift blame: Your veterinarian did not make your pet sick.


Therapy for critical care of aflatoxin-induced liver failure in dogs:

If you have milk thistle in the house, give immediately.

Can't find as reliable info about cats:

Pets - general:

Cornell on Aflatoxin, including tests:

And in a fit of kindness, Springerlink has this paper free, a warning to all about the sad state of pet food safety and lack of regulation:

marijane tropoloc

i have been trying to figure out why my cat has been so sick and limp and wont eat or drink

i have been layed off so no vet bills can i have so somebody better email me back or i will spend my unemployed days picketing kroger and driving your companys as nuts and stressful as you have mine i want to know who do i have the vet send the bills to and what the 8888 you people and companys are going to do asap perhaps your familys would like it for hoilday feast !!!!!!!! get back with me


Nothing at VIN or AVMA yet.

As this paper points out, the issue may not be change of brand of food, but opening a NEW bag of food recently. Treatments for aflatoxin induced liver damage in dogs also here:

Am hoping my other post with relevant links shows up. Gina,Christie, is there a link on petconnection for aflatoxin issues/treatments?


These stories break my heart. Because they are animal this is accepted? Bull. We love them just like family. I have a dog that is ill right now, may not be dead because he weighs over 100 pounds and refused to eat the food after he became ill. There will be a law suit if I lose my loved family pet. We check human food prior to goiung to market, why not pet food?

Another GOOD question.... if it was because of a fungus did it spread to other bags of food being stacked on or near it? A fungus can spread easy. This is crazy!!


sue mosley

I just heard about the recall. We just lost our jack russell he was 7 years old, A short life for a healthy dog .We feed him like tonight and was dead the next day he was fine the night before.We also feed it to our German Shepherds they have all had a real bad diarrhea some not wanting to eat just drinking water.I thought after the last time they would be more careful {wrong} We have been fedding them this food for years. they should have a better system for testing if they test makes you wonder what we eat.I will miss our little buddy.

Kathy Blythe

I fed my 2 Chihuahuas the PetPride Good'N'Meaty with beef slices in gravy on 12/06/10. Only 1 of my Chihuahuas ate the moist PetPride food around 9pm. My other Chihuahua ate only the dry Kibbles'N'Bits. Around 12AM I heard my Chihuahua that ate the PetPride moist meat chunk dog food wimpering. I picked her up and found that she had a firm tummy. She would hunch her back (like a cat) and cry out in pain. She had bad stomach cramps. I kept her warm and monitored her. She seemed a lil better in the morning. I offered her some human canned chicken which she ate a few bites of. Only after eatin would the severe pain return. She would cry out and kept trying to get into a comfortable position. She acted like a human would if they had a bad case of the stomach flu or food poisioning. I held off going to the vet because she was not vomiting and did have an extra soft BM. She was taking sm.amts of water but she was very sleepy. After 3 days I took her to the vet and was prepared to beg them for service as I didn't even have the funds to afford the Vet. assessment. The vet offered to do $500.00 dollars worth of tests! I could not afford all the tests so I opted for the Flagyl and Pepcid. I ended up paying $100.00 for the vet assessment and meds along with the O/D I was going to receive just trying to save my pet.

The Pepcid worked wonders for her sore gut along with prepared human chicken meat mixed with chicken broth. I gave only 2 tablets of the Flagel because she vomited the med.

I knew that only time was now needed for the toxin to pass out of her system.

I know that the PetPride Good'N'Meaty dog food is not on the list but after what happened to my dog it wouldnt surprise me if this brand is not toxic as well.

I'm going to call the company and report my story today! I thank God that my lil dog recovered and I pray for all the other animals affected by this poision.

I would like to add that the price of a Vet assessment is way over the top! It's shameful when the price of veterinary service is the same OR more then a human would be charged for medical care! The greed of people will be mankinds demise. (sigh)


we also lost a dog after feeding her this dog food I kept telling my husband that it has to be the dog food since she was a inside dog, I have 3 other beagles and the mama got sick and throw up but since that day all seems ok, I will miss my baby so much and I feel for all those who has lost a dog to this, I hope no more dogs or cats die because of this.

Gina Spadafori

Nothing at VIN or AVMA yet.

Comment by CathyA

That's the "beauty" of Friday night dump-and-runs. The FDA and AVMA aren't likely to have staff to post until Monday, and there's always a chance that everyone will miss the announcement.

GREAT for stock prices, and who cares otherwise? I am so SICK AND TIRED of corporations who don't give a DAMN who they hurt as long as they can keep the bad news from affecting their bottom line. It's not "just pets" either: This sort of behavior extends to products for people as well.

Our Phyllis DeGioia staffs VIN's recall center, and she's off-line right now. They may not have a functioning back-up plan for their public presence, so I just sent them an FYI.

sherri brewer

i live in the kankakee ill. region and own 7 sherler and throw away animals! i"m sobbing, I don"t know what I'm gonna do if this recall affects my animals. i jus t do not have the money for this!

sherri brewer

please tell us more about Aflatoxin effects in canines.

Carol V

This link might be helpful for petowners to bring to vet...I know i wish I had as much info back in 2007...


Kroger recalls cat, dog food made in Springfield plant

Kroger Manufacturing list

Delight Products Co.

Springfield, TN

Inter-American Products has produced corporate brand groceries for top retailers and wholesalers throughout the world since 1907. Inter-American also produces branded national brand products and ingredients for the world's top grocery marketers and manufacturers.

Delight Products

Springfield, TN

Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food

Inter-American Products produces a broad line of dry pet food at our Delight Products manufacturing plant located in Springfield, Tennessee.


•Dry Dog Food

•Dry Cat Food


•3.5 - 50 lb. Bags

another sad pet owner

I am outraged! I worked for years in the human food industry. It is possible to track the lot number of each and every piece of product that was produced and shipped.

I got the automated call from Kroger today, but we go through a 50 lb bag of dog food a week. IDK if my dogs have been affected internally. The CSR said, "Are they showing symptoms?" Me: What are the symptoms? They don't talk and say I hurt inside. DUH!?! She advised me to check with my vet. I asked if Kroger would be compensating me for tests on my animals to be sure they were or not affected by the recall. They informed me that Kroger would not be paying any vet bills. Is there a lawsuit started for this? Kroger should be able to tell me for sure if I bought the affected bags by the barcode on my Kroger plus card.

Aflatoxin is a fungus, much like cancer, couldn't it could be causing health problems and causing a slow and painful existance for the affected animals, not necessarily a sudden death.

The bag says Disney's Old Yeller. Does Disney have anything on their website? Do we boycott Disney, too?

Sandi K

I agree Kim, its kind of scaring me that some are saying their dogs are fine now because they have stopped vomiting. If the dogs ate the recalled food, dont take a chance and get your dog into the vet....isnt that right? Maybe one of the vets can post something regarding this.

Susan Fox

From the Kroger contact page- "Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions." I've just sent them an email.


Surprise, surprise, this aflatoxin contamination does not seem to be related to Diamond (sorry, Diamond, but you gotta admit, with your record... it wasn't an irrational guess).

It appears to come from Delight Products Company in Springfield, TN.

Here's a link to their parent company if you'd like to give them a piece of your mind.

Delight Products' contact information is 1200 Industrial Drive, Springfield, TN. 37172 615-384-7546

There are multiple ways for aflatoxins to get into foods, but bag-bag transmission is not one of them. One theory is that human grade shipments of grain that test positive for aflatoxins are "watered down" with aflatoxin negative grain until they are acceptable for use in pet foods to avoid waste (and yes, there IS an allowable amount in pet foods).

The issue with this is that you're going to get "hot spots" and "weak spots" no matter how many times you test the grain. In the past it's been speculated that these contaminated grains end up in foods one of two ways.

Improper mixing and testing is to blame and either a weak spot is tested or a "few" bags of product end up "hot".

The second theory is that they simply pushed the line too far. Someone missed a test or a step and rather than get fired over inventory that would have to be destroyed, initialed the "ok" box instead and didn't realize the carnage to follow.

Unfortunately, that's all I have to offer at this point. I'll come back if I have more.


Sandi K - yes, absolutely. Organ failure needs to be quite far along before any dog is symptomatic, and as with any degenerative disease, the sooner it's caught the better chance you have of extending their lifetime, despite the disease.

I also want to make a point here about those pets who may have been affected but are now living with a condition that requires an altered diet.

Homemade diets for organ damage ARE available, but please consult a reputable source. Don't ever make a decision out of fear, and remember that any decision you make about long term care can be changed tomorrow - and again the next day, in most cases.

Don't feel like you have to purchase commercial diets (although at first it's likely a wise idea), don't feel like you have to home cook, and don't feel like you have to learn everything at once.

Make informed decisions, and as you learn, adjust those decisions to reflect what makes sense for you and what is best for you, your pet and your situation.

My heart goes out to each and every one of those pets and pet owners who have been touched in any way by yet ANOTHER senseless and utterly preventable tragedy.

@menusux - you totally scooped me while I was typing! Great research.


And on a related note:

Court Finds Hitch in $24M Pet Food Settlement


Gee, didn't know there's one stop shopping now for recalls. Still, this recall wasn't posted until 11 AM today:

Click on Recent Recalls, then Food, Medicine, Cosmetics

Gina Spadafori

Thank you all, again, for fantastic reporting work on this.

Hard as it may be to believe, I don't blame a company for having to recall a product. Food is tricky stuff to make, with a lot of ingredients and a lot of places for things to go wrong.

What I DO blame companies for is continuing to downplay the severity of a recall. Their Friday night dump-and-run recalls are shameful, as are their assertions that the problems "may" cause health problems.

I dunno, multiple reports of dead animals seems to be a little more than a "may" when it comes to a health problem.

I continue to be utterly disgusted by this sort of behavior.

Chambers Williams

If your dog or cat ate the recalled food and got sick or died, please call me for a news story I am writing about this issue. 615-259-8076. Chambers Williams/The Tennessean

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