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24 November 2010


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Christie Keith

Hah! They don't sleep on the bed with me... they both bale once I get in, LOL.


What she is saying is "Maaaaa, make him move, he is taking up the whole bed and I can't stretch out" Very cute. I have a feeling it will just get better as Rawley gets older.

Original Lori

That white belly...oh the scritches it needs to receive. I'm dyin' ovah he-ah.

Original Lori

Christie, when we he get his fuzzy feathers?

Leslie K

What a great Thanksgiving gift ! How do you make them both get off when you get in ?


So.... is that spot right above Rawley and next to Kyrie where you do a fetal curve? :-)

Pamela Picard

Yeah, those moments of detente make it all worthwhile.

Gina Spadafori

I love Miss Kyrie, but I gotta say, Rawley is an utter charmer.


I just brought a foster puppy (beagle mix) home and my 13 yr old female greyhound is deeply offended. So much so that she looks away every time the puppy even tries to approach her, won't come by me, and is now sleeping with my friend instead of me. I just hope she'll be patient with me while I find her a new home.


I always love catching the older disgruntled one(s) with the new addition :) Gig up!

I'm fostering a couple kittens right now and my youngest cats have been horrified, but my seniors have stepped up to the plate and acted like adults :) It's so cute watching my 18yos with the little ones (now 6wks). I swear my girl Brooklyn taught lil' Missy to head butt for love one night. Next day, lil' Missy was all over it :)

Great pic of your pups!!


It' good to see Rawley. Looks like they could use a bigger bed. :`)

David S. Greene

What the Original Lori said......and she even said it with a Massachusetts accent!


That was such a wonderful gift to find! Glad you got a picture!


My names Kyrie..im Animal crazy (:...How Epic

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