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03 November 2010


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I have always wondered what this world would be like if jerks like that put their minds to doing good instead trying to ruin peoples day. Maybe cancer would be cured by now or no one would be starving. Maybe even world peace.

Nikita Cat

Well, at least I ain't the only critter blogger with this problem. ;-D

Daddy, on his blogs, and I on mine, manage to keep a handle on the situation, with regards to those few spam comments that get thru, but the Trackback situation is hopeless!

At least the Trackbacks don't auto-approve, but our blogs have thousands, of Spam TB's going back months, and even years.

We ain't gonna delete them page by page until the number is zero!

We are debating asking Typepad to eliminate them so we can then try to manage it ourselves.

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