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10 November 2010


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Ingrid King

I have a little $30 handheld steamer, and it's great for spot clean ups. It totally convinced me that this is a great way to clean, and eventually, I'll invest in one of the full size models. The animal hospital I used to run had a top of the line Ladybug, and boy, was it fantastic to really clean our cages, runs, etc., not to mention floors.

Gina Spadafori

I long for the Ladybug!

S in MT

Here Here! I bought a steam cleaner a couple years ago and I love it! Even though I don't have carpte in my house I use it on my laminate flooring, lino and then use the attachement to do the rugs. If you aren't convinced and don't want to commit to many hundreds of dollars, there are cheaper models out there that can be had for a little over $100 - yes they won't do the same job as the more expensive models but it will proove the point.

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