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17 November 2010


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What a great response to this lamentable article by WaPo's Sally Jenkins:



Mel, you break my heart. Vick, you turn that same heart to stone. I hope there is such a thing as Hell, so that when you die you go there and face eternity cast in the role of Aktaion to be forever torn apart by Artemis's hunting dogs.


David S. Greene

I was cringing when I saw the numbers Vick and the Eagles put up against the Skins on national tv. Just waiting for everyone to yell "he's back to his former levels of greatness. All hail Mike Vick". I was then SO happy to read Bill Plaschke's piece. This was one of the better columns of his I've read in years. Meanwhile, I'm very surprised that Sally Jenkins took the bait. I thought she was much better than that.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

Excellent post, very well done...I will never forget or forgive Michael Vick.

Cindy Steinle

Christie, you always say it nicer and better than I do. My passion and anger mess with my words.

For Mel, For the others in that house, for the little red dog and those that did not get out, and for my little girl, who got out, away and safe. No I will never forgive him. And I will never forgive those like him with less fame. I hold the same venom for my Cleo's owner (who's name I know) as I do Vick. Mike, Lavone, Steve, Eddie, I do not forget or forgive.


A really well done post, and a great article that I was really glad to see. I'm in the 'never forgive' camp myself. I'm so glad Mel has someone to love him now, I hope someday he can be healed enough to love them back. If Vick had any remorse I'd hold out some hope for him but he never has shown a bit of it.

mary frances

Richard and Sunny Hunter are heroes, Mel is a hero - the writers who write about these dogs and those that use their lives - time, money and energy (heart and soul) to save those that were tortured - all heroes.

the one who caused the pain - dead and nameless to me.

H. Houlahan

Mel's eyes are so much like Barry White's.

Tell me again that a dog can't talk.

And yes, I believe those photos are of the same dog.


Plaschke said, "...Many others believe that cruelty to animals isn't something somebody does, it's something somebody IS."

I believe this too. I just didn't realize it until I saw it in these words.


Those of us who love animals or hate cruelty must keep reminding people of what Vick did. He says he's done his time, but he left animals that are still in prison (mentally and emotionally)- animals that may never know how to love or live without fear. I don't care how well he throws a football. His cruelty lives on in those dogs.

David S. Greene

Dear Leslie- For the foreseeable future, the only way Michael Vick will be entering the NFL Hall of Fame is if he buys a ticket.

The media that cover the Eagles commonly suffer from a staggering lack of perspective (I'd say that about their fans, too, but I'm not going there in this particular forum).

Liz Palika

Kindred Spirits had two of the Vick dogs come through our classes with their foster. Those were two very sad, very damaged dogs. And we see a lot of pit bulls.


great article but Bill is wrong on one very critical point. Vick did NOT admit to or apologize for the drownings/beatings/electrocutions or any other cruelty he personally inflicted on the dogs (we need to remember his conviction was for racketeering charges not cruelty). And THATS why we think of him as a sociopath. If he ever had stood up like a man, acknowledged his real crimes and apologized to his victims, then we might forgive him. But he never has, and never will. "Making himself available" for some HSUS dog and pony show is hardly adequate.

As it is, it's clear that society is letting him get away with it, because he can throw a football and run.. and make lots of money for his team and the team's sponsors.

Like most of the others here, I prefer to remember Mel.

Leslie K

It makes me sick to listen to the news.The Eagles are our local team and you hear now is that Sick Vick is headed for the hall of fame. maybe his former dogs should be there instead ? As far as I am concerned ,he's a psycopath[sp?] And although I used to be a big football fan, I don't even watch anymore. Let alone attend or purchase merchandise. Anyone listening at the NFL ? I am glad Mel has a loving home and family now, hopefully 1 day he will have justice for the crimes done to him.

David S. Greene

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he's proud of Vick...as hard as this is to read, his reasons for saying this are obvious: Goodell personally gave Vick his blessing to return to the field, and so now his dramatic resurgence on the field makes the Commish look good. It doesn't hurt that it translates into big bucks both for the league and for a visible, big market franchise.

Vick's crimes are quickly disappearing in the rear view mirror in the public's mind. Memories are short. People who CARE about the damage the sociopath did are going to be minimized and scolded even more as "needing to get over it" -- dammit.


As long as we have a legal system and a society that condones this behavior the animals (children, elderly or any innocent being) will most often be the losers. Until the laws are changed we will continue to see this kind of injustice. I wrote letters to my political reps, the NFL, the commissioner of football, as I know thousands of others did. HOW DO WE GET SOCIETY TO UNDERSTAND?

Leslie K

Thats what bothers me, Its like all is totally forgotten & forgiven as long as he throws td's. And you are right about the majority of sports fans in Philly unfortunately. Meanwhile for all of his "talks" to kids at schools, the dog fighting & animal abuse in the area is up not down. And an awful lot of it is being done by teenagers who look up to sports figures.I can honestly say I have never wished harm or injury on another person,but everytime I see Vick being glamorized on the local news or in the papers I get some nasty feelings.


Sorry I'm so late on this. The dog in the topic photo was named 'Charlie,' and he was adopted through the Georgia SPCA. We're told he's doing well. There was no evidence that Mel was used as bait, btw. If he'd been pitted, he would've been dug up from the ground with the rest of the "losers." That doesn't make Vick any less of a psycho-prick. Mel was still a very frightened, very unsocialized little dog who's been terribly stunted by his past.

Elayne Tulliani

The entire situation was heart-breaking. I was touched by how many people and great organizations stepped forward to open their hearts to these dogs. As a certified trainer and owner of a www.pitbulls-fighting-for-their-lives.com I had countless opportunities to speak to dog owners and was so surprised and pleased at how many people who prior to this rescue had negative opinions of "pitbulls" and ended up opening their minds and began demanding justice for the dogs and stiff penalties for Vick. There is no way to remove the suffering these dogs endured but I am thrilled that it did not get swept under the rug of "fame".

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