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29 November 2010


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Ericka Basile

I just sent this, with links, to all my FB friends and emails. Great idea- I can't wait to see all the Facebook activity tomorrow this campaign will produce.

Christie Keith

Thanks, Ericka, you ROCK!


Though apparently I can't type very well today.

Erika Klemm

Oct. 26th we adopted two 5-yr-old cats, Nippy and Jade, from the San Diego County animal Shelter. We bonded instantly. They are loving and love sleeping on the bed with us. In fact, last night Jade decided my neck made a great cushion to lie on. We couldn't be happier with them.

Khyra and Her Mom

We just posted a link to FB and have changed our profile picture to the one I took with my cellphone on the first day we saw each other!

Rescues Rock!

Khyra and her very grateful mom

Carol V

Just finished my status updates on FB...hope others follow...now tears are running as I remember my Missygirl...♥♥♥

Susan Daffron

Updated my status and posted pics on my wall and their wall.

Original Lori

Posted in my status and on their wall. Thanks for alerting us!


HOPE Animal Shelter in Tucson,AZ has shared with our friends on Facebook!

Donna B. Russell

I have shared my shelter pet stories on my blog, Creative Muse Journal (http://creativemusejournal.blogspot.com) and shared your link on my FB page. All three of our companion animals are shelter alumni.


This is a fantastic idea! LOVE it!!!

Gina Spadafori

I updated my FB status. Go Shelter Pet Project!

Christie Keith

It's AMAZING, I can't keep up with the posts!


Oh dear, I believe there is another Michelle. I well, I love it too :)

Karen Fishler

Posted about our cats. The FB page is a tsunami of beautiful stories -- what a great idea! Christie, can the project team count the posts? It would be interesting if you could tell us how many people did this. (I'm a first-time commenter here . . . thanks for the great blog.)

Liz Palika

Wrote about my first adopted dog, Watachie, on Facebook.

Christie Keith

Hi, Karen. Yes, we're counting them... it's hard because they're coming in so fast! But we'll post a count. :)

Mary Mary

I posted one about Foo Foo, who was a shelter rabbit. I am blessed to live in a city with THREE shelters that admit rabbits and, to my knowledge, have never euthanized bunnies for space. Still, most people don't know that our shelters have them!!!!

Reading all those Shelter Pet Project posts ... wow. Makes my heart sing.

So much love!

Susan Fox

Posted a Note on my Facebook page with photo about how our black kitteh Eowyn, aka Mistress Mayhem and The Critter, came to join our family.


Christie, the best effort of all is Chris Dignan's Chicago group called Life's Ruff. It is an entertaining effort to show people how great shelter pets are.

Please feature him to help get the word out. Here's his group on MSNBC = http://www.dogsavingnetwork.org/videos.html

Chris is also a lead dolphin trainer at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.


We saw it on Facebook last night, so added a post on there and a blog post today :)


Mary Mary

Christie, what was the final count?


Can someone participating in publicizing this effort please put out the word that the Minnesota Valley Humane Society (Burnsville MN, a Minneapolis-St Paul suburb) is closing on Dec 31? They have animals that need homes, and the more that find their way to families in the next few weeks, the fewer that will be dispersed to other shelters where they may have less opportunity for placement. There is a news release on their web site (mvhs.org)explaining their decision to fold - a true loss to the community, as they have had excellent programs to promote owner retention of pets. The closing has been announced on local news broadcasts, but person-to-person information might get more attention. There are about 50 animals available (cats, dogs, rabbits, birds). Thanks for any assistance in recruiting new homes for these animals.

Christie Keith

We're still counting, but the day before we had 145,000 page views!

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