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25 October 2010


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Been there, done that. I go to not only two different Vets, but two different hospitals. The one problem is they like to go to the same seminars which means my main Vet and my backup vet are at some seminar where Dr. Becker is usually speaking. I, think I can blame him for this occurance, can't I? LOL

I know your apprehension on someone you do not know to take care of her. But, if that Vet is in the same practice as your primary vet, then I have a feeling they are communicating on Kyrie's care. I hope she can come home soon.

Dee Green

I probably do a lot of what you've already done: research the heck out of the symptoms; see the best medical resource available to me until I can either see my vet of choice or unearth a veterinary specialist in the area of concern and see them.

I'm so sorry this is still going on, and that your veterinary support system is not available. I also hope conditions are such that 24 hours aren't likely to change things dramatically?

Healing thoughts for you & Kyrie.

Liz Palika

Just like for you - panic!

Thankfully there is a second vet in the practice who is awesome and I would trust her. But my primary vet I trust without reservation.

My thoughts are with you!

Stephanie Green

I can tell you that one o the reasons we dont move to our place in another state is because of our vets here and resources for the dogs. We see several vets, a homeopath, a holistic vet and a traditional vet. We just recently changed our traditional vet practice due to their poor office staff and honesty I was an basket case at not having a traditional vet I felt I could trust. I totally understand how you feel and I hope that yur girl is better soon...

Mary Mary

I know and work with multiple vets through the rabbit club I lead, but mostly go to two with my pets or fosters.

One is amazing, A++ with diagnosis, limits his practice to exotics but has very very limited hours and is kind of far away.

The other is excellent and has a fabulous bedside manner, and is a mile from home, but while he has probably seen thousands of rabbits, the other vet sees more.

I second guess everything they say and come home and research online (bad) and email a rabbit expert in another state asking for answers (unreasonable) and generally drive myself and everyone else crazy.


I'd be all crazy, but, then I would take a deep breath and remind myself that fresh eyes sometimes are a blessing in disguise.


My thoughts and are with you, Christie, and any healing thoughts I can throw to Kyrie, I will send as strong as I can.

I certainly am one to panic sooner than you, because you have more knowledge about animals. However, go ahead and panic and then maybe than you can calm down. Maybe, maybe not.

Kyrie, get well, please.


I am a worry wart of the first order, but fortunately I know who the competent vets in town (and just outside of town) are if I have to resort to someone I don't know. My issue with both human and animal doctors these days is the "our first opening is __________" (insert ridiculously remote date). That's where the long term relationship gets you a leg up.

I'm sending good, healing thoughts your way, and hoping Kyrie feels better soon.

Christie Keith

Huh, I tried to update the post and it wouldn't let me. How odd!

Kyrie is home, and her x-rays showed nothing whatsoever wrong. The tentative diagnosis is "inflammatory cystitis," which is kind of a non-diagnosis meaning the bladder is inflamed but we have no idea why.

She's on Metacam for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, as well as some Chinese herbs, and off the antibiotics since her culture didn't grow any bacteria at all. She's pretty stressed out from spending the day at the vet, but possibly slightly less stressed-out than I am!

I think I'm going to go ahead and go on my planned trip. My dog-sitter will be staying at the house with her, and my brother and sister-in-law live two blocks away and said they'll do whatever they need to do if there's an emergency while I'm out of town.

I'm feeling like a bad mom, though. I don't think there's anything that can fix that. :(

mary frances

I have several friends that are vet techs...generally run things by them - and most of my close friends have pets so we campare health issues when they come up -

With emergencies - I have two vets I totally trust but one is a long drive away - so I pray a lot -

With any human and animal health problems the kindness of health care providers makes all the difference. Kindness = calm (at least for me)

I'm sending good thoughts for Kyrie and for you.

Kim Thornton

These UTI things can be really, really difficult to diagnose, as I'm sure you know, and so often there isn't an identifiable cause, or it's stress-related. Maybe Kyrie is still adjusting to the new house and this is her way of showing it. And she's probably picking up on your stress from feeling like a bad mom--so try to relax a little.

Leslie K

I'd rethink the metacam,it can cause kidney & urinary problems. It might be good for you to go away, that way Kyrie won't pick up on your upset & stress even more.


Oh hun! I'm so sorry it's been such a rough day for the both of you! I may not own a dog at the moment, but I can totally relate to the anxiety you felt in having to wait all day, not knowing what was wrong. Please go and enjoy yorself on your trip. You're not a bad mom at all. If anything, you'll be able to nurse Kyrie back to health a lot more effectively if you're de-stressed. Sending positive thoughts.


Christie, I'm so sorry to hear of this distress. I've been there, as I'm sure all of us have.

I'm glad the x-rays showed nothing abnormal, and that no antibiotics are called for at this time.

All digits crossed for both of you.

Joani Schofield

These sorts of things always seem to happen at the worst possible time, like the weekend.

A few years ago my dog was sick and had to go to the emergency vet. My husband was also out of town. I had a full-blown panic attack and had to have my friends take her in.

And then, I had to call my parents (who were asleep in bed) to ask for some money because she had to have emergency surgery.

I hope everything turns out well for you! I am sending good thoughts your way.

Ericka Basile

Christie! I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. I am glad this blog is here to share these moments together.

I came home tonight and our dog Bella, who had her eyes removed two years ago, now has what I am guessing is a split open tumor on her eyebrow. It is the size of a kumquat.

Things have been so busy-- I am ashamed I didn't notice the mass earlier-- (my other Shar-Pei had a tumor removed last month and then my son broke his arm two weeks ago) so my world has been spinning.

This weekend during her bath I noticed a swollen area over her eyebrow and thought it was just a goose egg because she bumps into stuff all the time. With all her wrinkles around her face it is hard to notice changes as well. But, tonight we came home and she had scratched or bumped it and it split open, blood is all over the laundry room, and I looked at it in the split area inside and it looks like a tumor... kicking myself for being too busy to have seen this sooner.

How can all this stuff happen at once?!?!? How could I have not thought right away that it was a tumor when I bathed her? How can both of my 7 year old dogs have a tumor within two months of each other? +++stress+++

I have put antibiotic ointment on it and will take her to my vet tomorrow.

If I find out my regular vet is not there it will be stressful, but not as stressful as your situation. I am so sorry you don't have answers or familiar face to help you and Kyrie. And a pending trip on top of it all.

I will be thinking of you and Kyrie while I am in the waiting room tomorrow with Bella.

David S. Greene

Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear about Bella and Drewbie (and keeping a VERY close eye on Cami and Harry).

Kim Thornton

Ericka, I hope your Bella gets an okay report tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and sending good Bella vibes from California. They're already going to Kyrie, of course.

Christie Keith

I'm so sorry to hear about Bella, Ericka! And I just heard from Gina and Drew went into the hospital with pneumonia a few days ago, while she was out of cell range -- she just found out! It seems he'll be okay but it was touch and go, and she's totally freaked out. :(

Pet Connection dogs are not having a very good time right now!

Ingrid King

Oh Christie, I'm so sorry. I would be a mess, too, given everything that's happening - but you are so not a bad mom! Between your housesitter and your brother and sister-in-law, Kyrie has a whole team looking after her, and it sounds like she'll be just fine. I know it doesn't make up for not being able to be there, knowing she's not 100%, but you're doing all the right things for her!

Sending good thoughts to her (and you), and to Bella, Ericka, Drew and Gina, too. (Bella and Kim, too!) We really need to break this bad streak here - enough is enough!


Seriously! Drew is sick, too?

What is up with us? Reading that puts things in perspective because pneumonia is so much more serious. Gina, I send positive thoughts for Drew, too!

Ok, I just got back from veterinarian's office. Dr. Chetowski said it is a mass (not calling it a tumor yet just a soft tissue mass) and took sample for cytology. Also she took X-Ray to see if eye socket bones had been eaten away (not).

Of course, after leaving regular veterinarian office I emailed my BFF who runs FL Eye Centers (for humans!) and then took photos to send to my Veterinary Ophthalmologist who removed Bella's eyes- for her input. She reminded me it is more emotional because the bleeding is from the 'eye' area but for me to remember the eyes are gone and to just think of it like a tumor on Bella's back.

Have been told a mass that grows this fast is probably not malignant...

Geez, when it rains it pours.

Can someone FedEx a Cape Codder with lime to me by 5 p.m.? Need a chill pill so I don't fall into drama momma rut.


Knock it off, all of you dogs out there. Stop scaring your humans. We can't take the stress. I, too, want my dogs to stop scaring me. Navarre (Flat-coated retriever)had a bump removed on Friday and I am on pins and needles waiting for a biopsy.

Christie Keith

Well, Metacam, like all non-steroidal anti-inflammatories including the human ones, has the potential to damage the kidneys, stomach lining and any part of the body that requires the enzyme Cyclooxygenase (COX). It can even be fatal. In humans, too.

However, we checked Kyrie's kidney and liver function and they're perfect. So that's not the problem in this case.

Gina Spadafori

I was out of cell range from Friday on, in a backwoods cabin in Minnesota. There was web access, but Judy's not an e-mail person. I didn't check voicemail until I touched down in San Francisco, waiting for the puddle-jumper to Sacramento. I freaked when I heard the message, and called Judy and the veterinarian's in quick order.

Drew went in Friday, and my wonderful vet chose to admit him, knowing that was what I would have wanted. Drew was resting comfortably and in no danger last night, but I have to get the whole story after rounds this morning from my primary care veterinarian.

Aiii-yyeeeee. I feel a massive load of dog guilt, but thank heavens Judy and Dr. Bill were on top of the situation. I started to cry in the SF airport last night, but I was also very, very tired and the flight home was delayed so that didn't help the situation.

Was so strange to come home to no dogs at all, but Ilario, Teh Big Orange Kitteh, seemed to like it.


Got nothing to add other than the most positive energy for Kyrie, Drew and Bella.

And of course we'll be thinking of their humans. In my experience, only other pet lovers really understand what a stressful situation a sick pet truly is to those who love them. My heart goes out to all of you.


Metacam is fine for dogs, and was actually developed for use in dogs. It is a problem, though, for cats due to the kidney issues.


My eldest dog is not yet four, and we moved when she was a bit over a year old, so unfortunately I don't have a long history with any one vet. The practice we frequented pre-move was mediocre...

The new vet is much better in terms of staying up to date and being open to ideas. However, now that we have a dog who is intact past the age of 6 months, one of the team has become rather hostile...not an ideal situation obviously.

Liz Palika

I'm keeping Old Man Riker away from the computer, thank you very much! He feels fine and I want to keep it that way.

But my best thoughts to all the other dogs who aren't feeling well!

Kim Thornton

I think they're trying to scare us for Halloween, not realizing that this is not the way to go about it. Dogs (and cats), jump out at us from dark corners, but no more scary vet trips!

Original Lori

Big healing hugs for Kyrie and for you! I haven't experienced my vet being out of town yet. But now that I've said that....



Maybe so.

Gigi has her 16" fresh scar (Frankendog?) and Bella now has her entire head wrapped (Mummydog?) so maybe they were just trying to scare me into getting them ready for Halloween...

Leslie K

Glad the metacam is ok for Kyrie ! Healing wishes coming for her, bella & Drew.

Sandi K

Christie and Gina, Im so sorry Kyrie and Drewbie arent feeling well, I hope they both feel better very soon.



Gigi and Navarre can go as Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein, although you can't see his 15 stitch incision because it is on his chest.

Glenye Oakford

Good heavens--I take a day off to do some work and return to the board to see all this!! Hoping for good updates for everyone and for no more dramatic events in the lives of the Pet Connection animals! Thinking good thoughts for you all.

David S. Greene

The moral of the story, Glenye: stop with the days off to get work done.

Sandi K

Christie, I remember in 2006, our favorite vet ended up getting married and moving...the nerve of her anyway. I went into a week-long depression.

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