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03 October 2010


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This just proves the point I tried to make in a previous department I worked in. They have these stupid scripts they want read constantly so that customers will rave about them on surveys. I have always said that the last thing you should do is ask 'Is there anything else I can help you with' when you haven't been able to solve the issue they called about. While courtesy is important, most customers want action before courtesy. You can be polite all you want but getting to the point and providing actual service gets you more points.


The transcript is quite funny in that ironic "yeah, this sounds so familiar" way! I have Comcast too (no other choice for cable or internet)--and I've come to disbelieve just about anything they tell me when the internet goes down (which happens too often). Somehow I have trouble believing in the coincidence theory when they try to tell me that my neighbors' and my routers just happened to fail at the same time.

Ed fox

This happened to me.

Comcast said that verizon stole the number.

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