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14 October 2010


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David S. Greene

I was hoping to gain an audience with BTWD the next time I'm in town. After this little publicity stunt, I'm no longer optimistic she'll have any time for me at all. No no, I'm not upset, not at all. It doesn't hurt my feelings in the least to be snubbed by a duck.

Liz Palika

Bashir says he's willing to take one for the team and herd her. After all, he has experience with ducks and geese (even ones with inflated egos).


BTWD needs to be retrieved.

Isabeau (Flat-coated retriever who has to live with the Supa Star Henry and can only take so much stardom)

Christie Keith

I contacted BTWD, and she gave me this statement: "Staff must feel they need to bolster their own image by suggesting they do more than take dictation for me. Unfortunate, but simply the kind of thing one must tolerate if one is to have one's greens properly fanned."


"Bowling for Bernadette." Sounds like a great game idea to me!


Kaylee thinks Bashir has the right idea, although she prefers bowling for ducks to herding them. (Why else would they make them shaped like bowling pins, after all?)


What did you man when you said "Bernadette the duck does have quite a bit of personality," Spadafori said. "Just perhaps not quite as much as Bernadette The Weather Duck, if you know what I'm saying." ????

You mean something like Stephen Colbert and Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report, right????

You can't mean that BTWD doesn't really .....oh, I can't even continue that thought...

Gina Spadafori

Many famous people employ writers, you know. It doesn't mean they can't do their own work ... just that they're too busy to!


You spoiled my whole impression of BTWD. I refuse to believe it.


(Bowling = not as far as I know a technical term, it's a description of when a VERY BAD HERDING DOG WHO KNOWS BETTER decides that having put all the stock into a nice little group, it would be fun to scatter them by running into them at full speed, rather than starting to move them as being directed by the screechy handler who has just seen her vision of getting the goats/ducks/chickens/whatever back through the hole in the fence evaporate. An especial favorite game of corgis.)

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