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17 September 2010


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I have the same feelings about "shelters" that kill so freely and "euthanasia" for any kind of killing anywhere. These animals deserve so much better . . .


Weirdly, I first encountered this term just a bit over year ago, when I met the young cat I intended to adopt. 'Everyone has a hobby,' the vet who introduced us said, 'mine is rescuing unwanted cats.'

And all I could think of, right then, was, 'But - but - but - she's not unwanted! I want her!'

mary frances

I also like the term for feral cat to be replaced with community cat -

there have been times when even tiny kittens have been tagged "feral" by some (though they often mean well) - the word feral can sometimes be completely inaccurate and not helpful.


I think this is a great point, Christie. "Unwanted" serves to blame the public and at the same time render the animal undesirable-sounding (and so the public doesn't want to adopt him, and gets blamed, and so the circle continues).

I'm trying to think of a good concise term to replace it. "Pets in waiting?" "Future pets?" "Homeward-bound Honeys?" Something to convey that these puppies and kitties (and bunnies and so on) are just here temporarily until they find a good home (preferably YOURS! :> )

And what catmom said about "shelters." Shelters who kill for space or convenience ought not to be called "shelters" - after all, a "shelter," defined, is a place of refuge. Just imagine the change in attitude, and probable uptick of adoptions, that would ensue if more shelters really did just that - SHELTER animals who are between homes.


Some people refer to 'feral' as the 'f-word'. Since being labeled 'feral' is often a death sentence, I have to agree.


Some shelters are full of so-called unwanted pets. The shelter doesn't want them and doesn't want you to want them either.


You are absolutely right. Imagine the uproar if society referred to the homeless as "unwanted people"?!! They are homeless animals. Humans domesticated them. Given the opportunity, most will give their all for a person or family of their own.

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