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12 August 2010


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Carol V

Part of me (the screaming for something to change since the mela-nightmare in our home)is happy...I have said that change wouldn't happen overnight but that hopefully some day the loss of Smudge and Jessica (and thousands I do not know) would help the powers to be realize our food supply was in serious trouble...but another part of me is afraid this is too good to be true...but today I will say...that this is some of the good that came out of the nightmare we lived...


I, too, echo Deb's sentiment that "food in this country is all about profits, not safety".

I feel I am fighting a war to get decent food without poison or at least food with the least poison and germs. At the same time, it doesn't feel good to know so many people are unaware of the poor quality of some foods that taste good, look good, and are placed conveniently on the shelves of the market--and at the same time are harmful to the human body.

As to pets, I was buying food with wonderful packaging and tempting names in an attractive store. At the same time, I was poisoning my pets.

Why do some European countries and Japan ban some foods and ban some chemicals from plastic bottles and we don't? Profit motive--thats the answer, folks!


I am not excited. Mandatory recall is just a very small step to addressing the problem of safe foods in America. I frankly don't see why a compromise was necessary in the first place. Anyone with a glimmer of common sense can see our food industry is in a shambles. This is not 10,000 years ago when we were hunting woolly bison, Irish Elk and mammoth, facing the risks of our prey killing us at each attempt. This is now, when we continually pander to an industry who places no importance on the safety of the food it delivers because it interferes with their corporate bottom line. Food in this country is all about profits, not safety.


Finally a piece of legislation dealing with business that includes "mandatory" and "authority" and isn't just a suggestion to do something voluntarily with no real method for enforcement. Let's see if it really passes. For the sake of all those who were lost, let's hope it does.

Gina Spadafori


Happiest words ever typed here.


Sandi K

Oh holy cow, this IS great news! Im almost afraid to get too excited....oh please, tell me they will vote on it in a few weeks or months, not a few years? Gotta go hug my KiKi's picture now..sniffle..sniffle..


I am shocked! Mandatory recall authority!

We bloggers have been screaming for it. Wow-y!

Sandi K

Bummer David, but I know what you are saying is reality.

David S. Greene

Call me cynical. First, the Senate needs to pass the bill. Then it has to get through conference committee. All before this Congress ends. Hopefully at that point it won't have been hopelessly watered down in negotiations.

Finally, the FDA has to show it is capable of enforcing its new mandate and seriously clamping down on the megacorporations it's supposed to regulate.

I'm hoping against hope that it all comes to pass. I'm just not doing the victory jig yet. Too many dominoes have to fall in line just right.


Its really amazing to me that after the Pet Food Recall, I still see pet owners buying the same stuff that poisoned animals a few years ago and these companies still use wheat gluten and glutens in their foods that can easily be contaminated! I still see people buying the crap that Procter & Gamble puts out, Colgate Palmolive and MARS Petcare. We need to educate the public on what food is best for your pet! Avoid any food with corn, wheat, glutens, or grain if you can. Not all dogs have issues with grains but alot of them do and it can cause so many problems. Watch out for food colorings, dyes, artificial flavors. These will hurt the kidneys and liver of the animal eventually. If you love your pet do your research when feeding them. Go to and read about what you are feeding your pet. Its not the bible for pet food but it gives you a really good idea which brands should not be purchased. Avoid anything 3 stars or below. Go with foods that are 4 star and upwards when purchasing dog and cat food.

Sandi K

Senate is voting on whether or not to move forward on SB510 Food Safety Bill, its looking pretty close right now (CSpan) Apparently Coburn is worried about the cost of mandatory recalls. Isnt he a Dr? WTH.

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