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22 August 2010


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My 13 year old cat, Bo, does that to our dog, Darby. Bo will walk across the floor and sit on top of one of Darby's favorite toys, making sure a bit of it is peeking out from beneath his chest. Darby will then go into spasms of bowing, whining, running in circles and play-charging Bo in an effort to get the toy back. Since he's afraid of the all-powerful Bo Kitty, he can't actually touch him or force him off of the toy. Bo just sits there, smugly ignoring Darby, knowing he's won another round.

Liz Palika

snicker.....Good Princess!


Hahaha. Sounds like she got back at him for annoying her.

Gina Spadafori

You go, girl!

Erich Riesenberg

There was a crazy study reported on NPR recently (I think).

I think dogs were given food or treats and if they did not get as much as the other dogs they got upset.

Incredibly, this was attributed to a sense of fairness.

I don't think dogs care much about being fair, they are simply selfish, mildly at least. My dogs will pass over a half dozen toys to get the one the other dog has been playing with, and they are all the same type of nylabone.

Christie Keith

Kyrie has a very well-developed sense of fairness. She gets all the toys, food, walks and attention, and she allows Rawley to live.

Leslie K

Sounds fair to me Kyrie !


Sounds fair to me, also. Kyrie has the experience to know what is best--for herself!

My big cat Sophie took all the good spots that Inca had and told little Inca that those were hers alone and not to dare going near them. What could Inca do but comply, or risk a fight with someone twice her size.

Kyrie, you are so generous to let Rawley live!

viv hardy

Big Dogs always make the rules. if they can take it its theirs , they run dont walk, they are not responsible for missing cats ands they dont do leads. Well that's what my borzoi keep telling me. Nor are they oparticularly fond of their two yappy shelty housemates. Cheers Viv

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