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14 August 2010


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Ewwww... that sounds gross!


There is a couple of guys out there selling popsicles out of weird ingredients like cucumber and jalapeno! I just can't get into that.

Gina Spadafori


Weird ice cream guys, profiled in the NYT magazine.


I had avocado ice cream at the Slanted Door in the Ferry Bldg last Saturday. It was actually very good.


I'm all cool with the weird ice cream flavors, since it means more of the good stuff for me, presumably.

But I'm really disturbed by $11 ice cream. :(


avocado ice cream actually sounds really good to me.
you all might be used to thinking of avocado as a salty food (guacamole), but its quite delicious if you keep it in the fridge for a few hours, and then blend it with brown sugar!

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