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20 July 2010


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Thank doG! Ugh...when my ex came to visit in Florida once with our now dearly departed miniature pinscher, Marco, not only did he have to sprint through the stupid Atlanta airport for a connecting flight, there was nowhere for the dog to pee after flying from California. My ex ended up letting him out of his travel bag and he peed as they ran and again in a men's bathroom when they got to the gate. :(

David S. Greene

Early on, when (I think it was) the FAA launched a website listing all the airports in the US that had dog relief areas, I mentioned it in a newswrap. If I could remember what wrap it was, I'd include a link to it, but I'm old and forgetful. Too bad, too, because the website was handy. I'm so excited to see that the trend is continuing and more and more airports are reaching out with this great piece of customer service.

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