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25 July 2010


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When I worked on the Dean campaign we distributed brochures with Common Sense by Thomas Paine. I think that indicates the difference: We wanted people to read the whole treatise (few did, I'm sure) but the Tea Partiers are content with slogans. Wonder why that is?


Hmmm...maybe they're in town for the Adam Lambert concert? After all, Fred Phelps showed up for the KCity show.


Hypocrites all. They talk a good one about wanting small government and government staying out of peoples private lives but that really means their lives not anyone else's. They have no problem telling the gay community what they can and can't do, equality and the Constitution be damned. They were all gung ho for the patriot act - I wonder if they get it - that they were included not excepted from it?


It's so sad to hear you think the tea party's opposition has anything to do with Obama being a black man. It seems YOU are the one who can't get past Obama's color. And yes, conservatives were DISGUSTED with Bush's spending during his term. just for the record, i am a registered democrat.

Brahm (alfred lives here)

Good post! I totally agree - nasty bigots, hypocrites, racists, homophobes.

For people who want LESS government, why do they care who I sleep with or marry?

They have a black President and hate that.



It amazing how many people accuse others of racism. I think that's what psychologists call "projection"; people project their own problem onto others. Or the other issue might be that people can't find a REAL problem with the Tea Partiers, so they play the race card.

I think this is what's really going on; as long as there was a chance to get a different party in power, there was Hope. Yes, Hope with a capital H. Hope for Change. Now people realize that the alternative was as bad if not worse than the original. The two parties are essentially the SAME. Now people realize that, and now the Tea Party arrives.

Frankly, the only real hope of change comes from the Libertarians, but there's very little hope they will win any elections. Alas...

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