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13 July 2010


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Christie Keith

This is the only time I've been able to do it, and I think here the key was that I took two weeks. The challenge will be doing this on a weekend or a single "mental health day" during the week, or a week-long vacation in the future.

I also plan on having Dr. Becker "mentor" me in how to do this when he gets back from his 5 weeks in Europe, LOL. I just hope I don't have to get a slot on a couple of TV shows first.

Gina Spadafori

You know how you felt before? The "OMG I'm going to blow" feeling?

I feel that way now. We get Dr. B home for a couple of weeks and deal with all the urgencies and emergencies and I'm taking a "staycation" myself.

I may even read a few books myself. :)

I suspect the various enterprises can do without me, since (and I wouldn't have believed it) they survived without you.

Could it be we ARE capable of signing off for a couple weeks? I think we all should try it this year.

Leslie K

Glad you are back & hope the staycation rejuvenated you ! Enjoy the new office, I hope it helps keep some balance for you timewise.


What two books do you recommend?

I'm looking for a good read!

Phyllis DeGioia

Yes, we missed you, but I love your productive reading/Gleeing/relaxing. Now to work on that life/work balance thing - here's hoping changing the office makes a positive difference.

Chris Shaughness

Sounds perfect, Christie! I hate leaving my dogs, so I prefer to stay home. I need your tips on staying away from work when you're "staycationing" at home, though. I can't seem to do it!

mary frances

staycation - what a nice new word I'll be using - glad you're back.

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